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Lord, Taryonoh na do it again ooh

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Dear Father: Have you heard the news, they say Tarnyonoh na do it again oh!

What has she done again my son?

Huh, they say the other day some friendly neighbours from the East went and donated some cars to our village to be used by our Blue Uniform people.

Um huh, and what happened?

Ay Father, listen na. So they say the Blue Uniform people went and called a big program inviting all the Town Criers in the village to take pictures and tell the good news that our friends from the East have given our village some cars for them.

So they say when they went to the place where they can keep all our village property to get the cars, Taryonoh, the woman who heads the place, told all the Blue Uniform people that went to pick up the cars that they were not taking it.

Why, did she stop the people from taking their cars?

Father calm down. Taryonoh was rght, because all the Blue Uniform people who went to get the cars did not have drivers licenses. So, Taryonoh told them to go to the other Village House where they can give people driver license before they can drive the cars out of there or only Blue Uniform people with drivers licenses should go and pick the cars up.

Ay, General Taryonoh! But Father, come to think of it, Taryonoh is right. These are the same people standing by our road side everyday asking people for their drivers licenses and you want to tell me they can’t get driver licenses for their own people?

Ay mehn! Da only in your village such things can happen. Yes, Father, but Taryonoh is right. These people are not more villagers than everybody else. How can they be asking us for our driver licenses and vehicle registration everyday and none of their vehicles are even register before I say insure.

They who suppose to enforce the law, like their cousins at the Traditional Council are the law breakers.Can you imagine Father-they drive cars with no license plates, they don’t have driver licenses, their vehicles are not insured. As for their cousins at the Traditional Council, some of them can use one license plate for four cars and even give one plate to their girl friends while they have one on theirs.

This is why we need leaders like Taryonoh to move this village forward, because she is no respecter of personality. And nobody going to do a damn thing to her because she’ doing her job.

How can you call yourself law enforcer and you are there breaking the very laws you suppose to enforce?

I was talking with one of my friends who work at the House where they can give drivers licenses to people in our village-he says only the Green Uniform people can send their people there to get drivers’ license but you never see the Blue Uniform people or the other people who can be running behind the foreigner them for their papers going there to get drivers’ licenses.

So, you see Father, the very people who suppose to help us do the right thing in our village are the very people not abiding by anything. So how can we make progress.

Wait, we need to call a mass demonstration to force Taryonoh to run for President job here so she can straighten this place here.

We want Taryonoh! We want Taryonoh! We want Taryonoh! Bravo Taryonoh! We need people like you to lead our village not people who will look at the wrong thing and endorse it.

Had it been other people, they would have helped those Blue Uniform people to break the law by allowing them to drive those cars away illegally, because this is what they tell us when we don’t have license. They say we are not legally authorized drivers in our village. So they too have a lot of illegal drivers among their ranks.

It is a warning that they should listen to, but will they?

Taryonoh is like us town criers writing everyday but our people can’t listen. They have all become Facao. But posterity will judge us as it will Taryonoh in her handling of these Blue Uniform people who think they are above everything-like their cousins at the Traditional Council.


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