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Lord, that’s what happens when you take things for granted

Dear Father:

Huh, so you want to tell me these people never saw this thing coming? You mean they just sat there and think it was just business as usual?

What are you talking about my son?

Father, is it not our big, big people in this village, they want to tell me with all their “intelligence” around here they didn’t know that those heartless villagers from the north eastern fiefdom of our village were planning this kind of evil or somebody heard something about this and decided to play a blind eye on it?

My son, you know your big people in this village like to take everything for granted.

Tell me something Father! Because with all the securities they get around here they want to tell me that not one hint of this plan destruction by individuals who want to relive the days of war was hatched to any of them? You mean not one of them knew, or they knew and sat there singing their same old song with the lyric-don’t mind those people they can’t do anything”

Father, you know it is actually a pity, first that we still have big, big people who pretend to care but in actual fact they are the devil’s incarnate in disguised. And secondly, that we still have villagers who believe that wanton destruction of property is a means to getting one’s grievances settled or calling attention to one’s plight.

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Now, Father, I know some of these things have to do with the mindset of the people. When you have big, big people who always feel that their efforts are not being appreciated by their subjects, there is this tendency of silently saying – let them go to hell and do whatever they want and we will do as we so desire.

It is a very common thing in this village to hear people saying”don’t mind those villagers, they never appreciate anything good. So, some of them live with this mentality that people in this village will always demand more, because they are never satisfied. Father, simply put, some of their attitudes leave no room for the villagers to trust them. Examples of these kinds of leaders in our village can be seen at our Traditional Council where chiefs take themselves to be demi-gods around here, while their subjects are left hopeless.

So, this is why somebody will be hinted of such diabolical ploy and decides to sit tight on the information.

Are you saying that this evil plan which has left your village bleeding economically was disclosed to some of the big, big people in this village and they sat there and did nothing?

Father, as we speak, they say one of the chiefs from that very fiefdom sitting at the Traditional Council called one of the big security man in our village informing him of what his kinsmen had in mind to do but that big security man either for one reason or the other decided to turn down this threat or the security man acted but his efforts were thwarted.

Father, another thing could be that they underestimated the scale of destruction and the ability of the people to carry out such destruction. Simply put, they forgot that some of the ring leaders were all former contributors to the destruction of our village.

But you know something Father, I hope the event which took place in that fiefdom teaches our big people lesson that this village is sitting on a time bomb and is ready to explode at anything. And like that old warlord said the other time some people are ready and prepared to relive the days of war and our leaders must not sit there and think that this is all big show or a bluff-blackmail, they may say.

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