Lord, the chiefs are still waiting for the Old Lady?

Dear Father:

I say fun shall never finish ya. So you want to tell me by 10:30 PM Thursday night the Chiefs from the lower end of the Traditional Council were still waiting for the Old Lady to appear before them?

That to show power that they don’t have business they were in that darkness last night with all those mosquitoes-They will do it oo! You should say da bad dream business the chiefs will not sleep. Da one, da real malaria they looking for oo.

Tell me something my son!

Oh yes, Father, they say the chiefs had prepared the witness stands for the Old Lady, with a stool for at least one of her lawyers.

They say some of them kept on rehearsing their questions in their cubicles why reminding their aides to call them as soon as the Old Lady’s convoy arrive, till they forgot that it was even past 10 PM.

They say they had divided themselves into various working groups-one group preparing the impeachment bill for the Old Lady why the others were studying the Constitution to know where to trap the Old Lady.

They say some of the chiefs who have created their own beef with the Old Lady were preparing to use this opportunity to settle some scores. They say one person who was well prepared is the so-called Doctor from the east.-My name ooh!

They say the chiefs from the south eastern villages who pride themselves with the thinking that they are the most educated-with the various colors of pens hanging on their shirts pockets to show, were the ones moving from one end to another interpreting the village oracle (Constitution) to their colleagues.

Wait now, all the noise they were causing at the Council that day, didn’t they know which part of the village Oracle she had violated and where to catch her red handed? They will really balance oo.

Father, you know some of them can fire before they think. And don’t forget that, that place is like a market ground, everybody want to sell something. So apparently, while they were discussing the actions by the Old Lady kitchen staffer, they just jump up and started shouting not knowing what they were really saying. Oh, you didn’t listen to them ehn Father. It was like a real market ground.

My son, do you think the chiefs knew what they were saying?

Father, I wish I knew the answer, but from the way they sat in that darkness with the mosquitoes under the impression that the Old Lady would show up speaks volume of the depth of their understanding of the issue at hand.

Who ever told them that they have the power to send for the Old Lady or before they would think that she would go and see them in the night?

But you know something my son, it looks like these chiefs are really turning that most important Traditional Council into a play ground oo?

But what do you expect Father, some of the people over there are just there to hustle. They don’t know what it means to be there. For many, it is a place to start life from a one bed room to stardom. And because they think the place is for people representing the ordinary villagers, so even the hustler self can go there in the name of the poor villagers.

You see, that is why we say before you go to such places, you must have achieved something and want to give back to your society. But where you think it is a place for your hustle you would berate the importance of even your own presence. Like the saying goes, if you don’t value yourself the people will value you, that is the situation ongoing right now.

They say when you tell the child pupu on the palm kernel and he ignores it, let him burst it and see. They have long been catching the Old Lady’s children and disgracing them now they have been expose big time-Now since they have bypassed their respect their disgrace coming small, small.

My son be careful ay, the people will soon send for you to show cause ooh, eh you know them?

Father, let them send for me, I will tell them the truth, if they continue to bypass their respect, they will bother with their disgrace!

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