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Lord, The Child Who Says The Ma Will Not Sleep, Will Also Not Sleep!

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Dear Father,

So, I hear that some of the children from the footballer’s camp have shaved their heads like new recruits and are undergoing some form of training at their camp ehn?

Father, is it also true that they are being trained by some old generals and for what? My son, what these people really after? It is the same question I am asking too, Father.

I hear that at night, they erect their own barrels preventing locals who live behind their camps from passing through. Yes, oh, that what I heard, too. Are they telling us that they want to have a city within a city? Tell me something, so what the Blue Uniform people during about this?

Mm, my son, it looks like since that incident during the voting time and the way the people put mouth on them, they have chosen not to do anything because they too, do not want their names to spoil.

But don’t you think this have given them the courage to think that they can do anything and get away? Look at the last time the way many of them penetrated the students to cause trouble. Can you imagine this Father, for how long are we going to be on this one thing?

My son, the old people say the child who says the ma will not sleep, will not sleep too. Ehn the last time we heard that Uncle Sam stop one of their big men from travelling, I don’t know whether that true or that lie. But one thing I know is that when you are pointing your fingers at somebody four fingers come back at you and you can imagine.

So, if the people think they will make some of us to be living in fear why they fly anywhere they want to go at anything, that lie. DMX says, we will be right here, “we’re na going anywhere”.

Father, so what happened to the plan to disturb the Old Lady’s crowning party, because the last time I checked, I heard that some people from the Footballer’s camp were planning to get on the street as early as 5 AM. is it why they are shaving their heads and undergoing training?

Huh, the Old Lady says, no public gathering will be allowed on that day o, so if you get your child you better advise them. The Ray Head man will say “if your ma na born you good you must get on the street.”

Anyway, they say what happen here the other time with the Old Paramount Chief? Oh, you na here, they say the man paid one girl to naked herself at one Town Crier’s bachelor eve.

Da thing da lie mehn, how can a whole responsible man go on to do such a thing? Huh, it looks like you just coming ehn? Didn’t you hear that one young girl say she was the one but she did not naked herself?

But did the town criers call name? No. But how can this young lady just jump up to say people read her name in the paper and were calling her? Father this one smelling oo. It looks like somebody is trying to hide something oh.

Because, nobody call your name, then you jump up the next day and say I am the one who the people are talking about but I didn’t naked myself. But who will believe that kinda spider story sef. The thing even sound fishier, Father, because not one town crier mentioned your name.

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