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Lord, the Footballer crying too soon oo (pt2)

Dear Father:
So, as we were talking the other day, it appears like the Footballer is changing gear ooh. Now, instead of calling Town Criers and other people enemies of our village he says, his people should start ignoring them.

But my son that is what he should have done from the beginning rather than going to town to start declaring people enemies of the village-beginning a war that he knows he cannot fight.

Hmmm, but the people too na relenting ooh. Anyway I am anxious to see which one of the sides can make it to the next five years with this kina momentum-like the good old Book says, the race is not to the swift but he that endures to the end.

Already, we have started hearing small, small noise from some of the hamlets in our village- so, let see if it is going to trickle down to the Fiefdoms. For true my son?
Aah Father, my name ooh! I told you I am a son of farmers. My oldman na get ray shoes to be going to the Palaver Hut to answer questions for me. The man can’t understand English already which one he will speak there when he comes from the villages with his farming suit on-and besides there is no communion labor at the Palaver Hut, so what will he be doing there with his farming tools.

Awwa, let leave stories my son. So what the latest on this Ray Hay Man wife who’s going around kicking dust and threatening people how they will not get job in our village, because they share different opinions?

Don’t mind that woman ya Father, power is eating her brain. And come to think of it Fahter, what you expect from people who benefited immensely from the spoils of our village nastiness-that dictatorship attitude that will always be in the gene. It first started with having total disregard to the Footballer as her boss. I mean she would just wake up one morning and then leave the village at any time without seeking the man’s permission. Nobody would know where she has gone until we read or hear it from the Town Criers.

My son, no wonder the children from the Footballer’s camp can called her a six year product.
Father, me I na inside that other gossip ooh, before this Ray Hay Man woman come carry me before the Palaver Hut like she did that other young man from her Fiefdom at the Traditional Council the other day. I told you my people are farmers; they have never seen Ducor before yaa.

But come to think of it Father, you know that how some of the daughters of Eve can treat the sons of Adams with total disrespect. They just wake up and go anywhere without informing the sons of Adam who are accountable to them as well.

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When you see it like that my son, be careful –giving too many rooms or spaces to children can make them bring back home bad attitudes and some to the extent possible forgetting that they are not living on their own.

Anyway Father, let’s leave it there ya, that weekend time I have to go hustle and bring something home before before my Old Lady too start leaving the house without tell me where she is going and my children too start calling me uncle.-I finished Ooh.

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