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Lord, The Footballer Really Voted Against Himself?

Dear Father,

Is it true that the Footballer voted against himself? That’s what I heard oo, they say corned man went back to the voting house workers to change the paper for him, but the people said no and he went right ahead to called press conference to say the voting people should be allowed to teach the people how to vote on the scene before many of them end up like him. Ay ya is so sad.

But Father, this is a bad omen oo, because you who are the second man in command will look at your own face on the paper and mark someone else is bad luck oo. And I hope na Government Bone bad luck he na bring on our man oo.  So if the people beat you by 50 plus one vote then you are the cause because your vote could have made the tie.

But Father, is it that the man did not know how to vote? Was it not the same guy who just returned with a degree and was teaching other people how to vote in one small village here- telling them to vote with their thumbs and not ink? Ah, that it there oo.

So, I know the place he is right now, he is insulting himself in the head like no one business. But that who business that one, the process should be free, fair and transparent, if they had changed that for him, then the people would have been forced to do it for other people. You know, it is like a player missing a penalty in a game where a goal is need most to make a big difference.

Anyway is it true that pressure pills are getting out of stock? That’s what I hear oo my son, they say the pills are actually running out of stock as the number of pressure patients are increasing by the day.

But what is the cause for such sharp increase? My son, are you a stranger in this village don’t you know there was a voting here the other day. Voting, I know but what does that have to do with sharp increase in the number of pressure cases, for all I know there is only one man noted for pressure in this village, to say that it has spread so rapidly is of concern to me.

My son, there will even be more pressure as the voting house begin to call the result of Tuesday’s voting because some people have spent their last on this think and as we speak the figures coming are very troubling for them this has increased their pressure.

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But Father, I understand some people have already started taking drips oo. You mean those incumbent chiefs from the Traditional Council who knows well that they have lost their district keys to strangers? Yes, Father, as we speak some of them are said to be taking drip right now.

My friend told me he went to visit the other man from right here next door and the entire household is like they are mourning.

But did you hear this other news? Which news, have you heard that some of the presidential and legislative candidates are taking their petitioners to court saying that the people fooled them? I heard some of them saying that in this kind na hard village here they deceived them to spend their last dime and they knew they were not for them.

As I speak to you right now Father they say there are many of them queuing right now at the Temple of Justice waiting for the wise elder there to file their petition. Do they have the names of those petitioners?  Yes, oo, Father. I am actually seeing papers in their hands and they look like listings.

My son, are you sure it looks like petition listing? I think so oo Father. Ah, why am I not surprise? What do you mean Father?

My son, the lists contain the names of people who petitioned these people to run assuring them that they wanted them to represent them, but it appears like they fooled the people because most of the aspirants could not even obtain a single vote in these areas where they were petitioned.

You don’t mean that Father? Even some of the presidential aspirants who had a petition listing of 5000 cannot even boast of 200 votes as we speak. So, why are they running to the court for? They are going to file a suit against the people for what they termed as defrauding under false pretense.

Father, why should the politicians be filing such a suit? I don’t know oo my son. But is it true that some of these people printed fake listings? Well, if that’s the case then da God beating them so.

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