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Lord, the General is back!

Dear Father,

Have you heard? They say the General is back oo. They say this time she has come with reinforcement and is not playing.

Which one of the generals you are talking about my son?

Father, I am talking about the famous General Broh, the no nonsense woman, who had intended to stand on 3rd street to see ELWA junction by removing all the shacks along the road. I saw her just the other day and it was like the old days were back-she only needed that power one of my friends said.

Hmmm, this woman again? I thought the people from the Footballer’s Camp said she was a terror to the village displacing poor people. You remember, during the Iron Lady time when even chiefs at the Traditional Council were crying all over the place in her name?

Yes, Father, I remembered. But you see oo, the thing the Generel was doing and they were accusing her of violating human rights around here da the same thing they beg her to come and do after trying for whole three years.

Not, only trying for whole three years my son, but they had to wait for one white man to come and cursed the entire village as dirty people first.

Um, hayaka, the other day, they said she went to one Lebanese man restaurant it was not easy there.

Tell me something my son!

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Hmmm, they say the first thing she did was to introduce herself calling her full name. You know, they way she can call her own name as if she expects the person to run upon hearing it ehn. They say just like that poor old Lebanese man must bury himself underground.

You joking, my son!

Oh, Father, they say the woman na play there oo. Now go and see the place na na. It clean like broken plate.

And Father not only that place oo. Yesterday she passed by my office all the old toilet houses were down. But da small fine she issuing all over the place.

Hmmm, I hope some of the people behind her are not using this as a means to start harassing people, the way the used to it already.

But come to think of it Father, this village na like soft people-it’s like bad sore, it like bad medicine. People like General Broh, they are not looking for favor, so when you give them a piece of job, rest assure it will be carried out to the letter.

My son, I hear all the thing them you been talking but let me ask you ya, the Footballer must wait for one white man from Uncle Sam’s cousin village to say the village is the most dirtiest village in our entire clan before he put people to work?-I tire ya.

Anyway, thank God for General Broh, she is back so are we!-Writes Othello B. Garblah


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