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Lord, the GSM companies in trouble oo

Dear Father,

Um, some people can just take advantage of every little situation to do their dirty deeds ya. For them, every condition is an opportunity as long as it’s an excuse that can be widely accepted especially when the excuse has become a national problem. They are like NGOs who take people’s disaster to be a new frontier for investment.

What is it again my son?

Um, Father, do you know that of late when you calling your friend, your partner or relative, sometimes you will hear a nice female voice that will tell you that they number you are calling is either switched off or out of coverage area. Sometimes they will also tell you that the number you are calling is busy.

Father, more often than not, the said message is not true. It can be due to the network of that particular GSM Company which has brought forth that error message. In short, it’s as a result of poor network.

So, everybody knows when the networks say a particular phone is busy or switched off, that is not really the case sometimes though.

But here is the thing though, some people are now taking advantage of the situation to lie to their partners to say their phones were never switched off, when in actual fact it has been switched off for some dubious reasons.

Tell me something my son!

Father, the thing has become so rampant that many people have gotten to understand that some people are really taking advantage of this bad network to lie to their partners or regardless.

Most cheaters, when they are with people other than their significant others will actually switch off their phones just to avoid calls from their partners. How do you know- my name oo!

And as soon as they are done with whatever they were up to, they will put the phone on. And you know if the person is a daughter of even and is the jealous one, she will have started her own intrapersonal conversations and jumping to conclusions before you know it.

So when they switch the phone on and start seeing the various messages, they will say oh honey my phone wasn’t off oh, it was the network. For some it’s the other way around they will put the phone on “21” and when you send message, the message will go through. But when you push them and say my phone shows that the message was delivered they will still lied through their teeth to say their phone was off.

You know Father, the other day I complained to one of my friends how I have been calling him and most times the network would say his number is either busy or switched off.

But you won’t believe what the guy told me Father. He said my brother that the network oo. He said this network is putting me in trouble.

When I asked what do you mean, My friend went further and this is the part that really got to me. He said do you know that my girlfriend came with some anointing oil from one of these Pentecostal Churches around here and wasted it on me.

When I asked my friend why she would do that? He replied saying the girl says this phone switched of or network busy that lie, some kina girl is playing on me to leave her.

But it could be true though, but in this case, I know my friend all by himself already have problem with answering phone, so the network is just another excuse of his.

The thing is sometimes you are calling the person and you know at your end the phone is ringing but the person will tell you, he or she didn’t really hear it ring from their end. Na wa ooo, the GSM Companies are in trouble.

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