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Lord, the husband & wife gat one boyfriend?

Dear Father:

Have you heard the news?

What news my son?

Huh, they say one big man in our village here, who is a deputy in one of the Old Lady’s kitchen cabinets, has begun a love relationship with a man and his wife.

Tell me something my son!

Yes Father, this one that pure wahala. In fact, as we speak hell has already broken loose in their marital home. They say two of them are even on separation right now.  But you see, they say, the husband was the first who broke his marital vow by becoming a wife to this big man before the wife also got involve with the same man not knowing it was her husband’s boyfriend.

Look, my son, I am confused right now. Tell me how this hold thing happened.

Okay Father, let me take it step by step. They say for sometime people had been telling the wife that her husband had crossed the road and that he was having an affair with one big man but they did not say who.

So armed with this information, the wife had been doing everything to catch her husband for cheating. But it turns out that this big mouth big man, happens to also fall in love with her, to which she consented. And so, the big man had a secret place of meeting the both of them one at a time occasionally.

They say one day, the wife and this big man had an appointment to meet at this place. But as divine intervention could have it, the husband was the first to be there with this guy. Apparently, maybe because he is having an affair with the couple so, he forgot that he also had an appointment to meet the wife at the same place too. Can you imagine this Father?

Go on my son, I am listening.

Okay, so they say while the husband and this big man were lying in bed butt naked, the wife arrived at their secret meeting place, only to see her husband and her boyfriend lying in bed butt naked and she snap their pictures.

Tell me something my son!

Yes, Father, both of them butts naked. They say the big man and her husband got on their knees and started begging that she tells nobody.  In fact, this big man promised to build her five housing units just to keep her mouth close.

And she believe that my son?

Wait now Father, the wife said the only way she will have something to hold him (the big man) to his word was to keep the photo of he and her husband butts naked and that as long as he keeps his promise no one would have heard of the story. To be honest Father, this big man has kept his side of the deal; he has begun the construction of two of the five units already.

But you see when the wife left instead of keeping her mouth close she confided in a friend, and the friend also confided in her best friend and the news just started spreading like that. And so it went until they told some town criers. They too,  came across the wife who confirmed and said they should hold on and that she will tell them to go ahead should he failed on his promise.

The thing has gotten to a point a one man of God gat to intervene to talk to the town criers, saying that this thing is so disgraceful and that it would destroy not only the big man but the husband who they say happens to be one of his members.

So you see, as my friend always says, sometimes life puts us in positions that we normally don’t want to get in.” But for a second there Father, I will say sometimes we also determine our own positions in life either out of greed or selfishness.

So what happens to their marriage?

Father, that one that something to talk about again sef, that marriage can’t hold any longer.

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