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Lord, The Hustlers Are Coming Again Oh (Pt 1)

Dear Father,

This voting time na come again we coming to see all kina conmen them coming here saying they want to be president, senator or representative. But when you check their background, Father, one cent they don’t have, yet still they can come and say they have the solution to our poor village problem.

And you know the ones that can get to me Father? No my son, which one? Father dat those hustlers from Uncle Sam’s village who think they alone get the solution to our problems.

You know ehn! Yes Father, every time they hear voting time coming that the time they can put their hands up saying they want to be president, senator or representative. It is the time they can say their family and friends have petitioned them to come. I don’t know whether they think to be president that sharp mouth.

But Father dat na dat one sef can get to my reserve. You know which one can really get to me?

No, my son.

It is the fact dat most of the people running from Uncle Sam’s village wanting people to vote for them to become this or dat na get anything in this village- kitchen sef they don’t get it here.

When they come, hotels are their sleeping place or they run to their family houses or pegged with a friend. I remember the last voting time, one other one came running to our offices saying they have burglarized his party office and he wanted town criers to carry the story. Father when he was asked where the office, he brought his voice down in my bed room-no wonder the people in dat area didn’t vote for him sef.

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But that what makes them hustlers now my son.

And you know what Father; some of them can come with big show. I don’t know whether they want to impress the poor people or what, but they come telling them how they get gas stations, supermarket, restaurant blaa, blaa in Uncle Sam’s village, but one wheelbarrow market sef they don’t have here, yet still they say they care for the poor people and the only way they can help is if they become big man or woman in our village.

And Father, the village ones sef we voted for here the last time fini turning to big civilized people around here; their children no longer go to hospitals here. In the first place the schools here are no longer up to standard for their children.

Father, this gone Jesus Birthday if you had gone to the bank, you would have seen the kind of money these people sent from our village as compare to the ones that came in. You know they can act like those jabber investors who can come with brief case and go back home with suitcases full.

Father, you know the one I don’t like to hear from them?

Go on my son.

It is the word that they can use “sacrifice”. Instead of them saying the hustle in Uncle Sam’s village is rough and that we have come to try luck here, they usually bragged saying they have come to sacrifice. But you go to the bank and see them wiring money back to their gapping families in Uncle Sam’s village. I don’t know they think we don’t know dat Uncle Sam’s village is not like before.

My son, the way you can talk, it looks like you hate the people from Uncle Sam’s village oo.

Father, it is not dat I hate them, but they come with that air of “we know the solution.” Dat is they alone know all the book, not knowing when you check their back grounds dat so, so fake degrees. Added to this most of them are very dishonest people Father.

Father they are so dishonest to the point that they take people here to be fools. Can you imagine Father dat some of them who are lucky in their hustles to get work here are still stopping with friends or are in hotels-kitchen sef to build they na able.

How can you vote for such a person, who calls Uncle Sam’s village home and call here a farm. No wonder they don’t want to make any development here but to loot the place. They are white collar looters.

Father I don’t know how they expect this village to develop when their hearts, minds and souls are in other villages including those around here.

The people don’t like themselves my son.

It is true Father, when one of them lease a property instead of developing another they go to pay for mortgages in Uncle Sam’s village and when the money finish they come back to hustle.

But this other voting time we will tell them that we are not fools Father. We will make sure no hustler win anything here. Politics is not for children and hustlers. To be continued.

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