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Lord, The Old Lady Said It, So What?

Dear Father,

Wait now, so what the people say they are making all these noise around here for. That their first time hearing somebody confessing?  I thought people say confession is good for the soul. The Old Lady was very clear, maybe this is something which had been eating her up in the inside, and so she had to put it out there.

And this is something I have come to admire about the Old Lady and the Footballer: they both have one thing in common, they like to confess. So it is not anything strange that people should be making noise about here again.

Do you remember when the people in the Footballer’s camp were making all these noise around here that the man graduated from high school and that in fact he had some college degree.

The man told everybody on public radio: “My people, let me tell yor the truth, me, I don’t like lying. I did not graduate from high school.” That was a true confession that released his soul at the time.

Father do you also remember when there was all these noise about the Old Lady sponsoring the Ray Head man to kill people in our village here?

Yes, my son.

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The Old Lady said yes: “I gave him 10,000”. Even though many people believe it was more than just that but the fact is she confessed. Has anything changed?

Father when there was report that the security people in Uncle Sam’s village arrested the Footballer’s best friend and the Footballer was also called for questioning since he was seen in the man’s house that fateful day. What his people did not say here. At the end, the man confessed, he said the story was true. So what happened next?

The Old Lady, maybe had not been feeling fine since 2005 for what some few women did, and so as it has always been she wanted to release that part for a long time and you know as politicians they are easily carried away by crowd and then ban! She released it.

The only thing I see with this one is the way she came back to tell everybody to go to hell and say if you people don’t like what I said yor go burn the sea.

Father, I heard some town criers saying the Old Lady had insulted them. Now Father, if these boys were the Ray Head man and the ex-Soja what would they have done?

Because the Old Lady could look at the ex-Soja and his entire kitchen staff and say they are “idiots” and tell the Ray Head man “He na man enough”.

So what is their concern in this matter? Is it that they want to make themselves appear important?  Now, I head they are vex and want their umbrella union to do something. But Father, if I may ask, they want the umbrella union do what?

My son, maybe they are vex and they want something done.

Father, this is “absolute nonsense” so what they going to do if the Old Lady chooses not to listen to their bluff, will they also call for her to be removed from the chair too, like those notice seeking chiefs from the Traditional Council? Mehn this is “absolute nonsense” everywhere.

And Father guess what, I even heard one of the local village chief was rolling up her sleeves the other day to engage those two notice seeking chiefs at the Traditional Council and the local village chief also vowed to rain insults at those chiefs anytime they do same to her boss. And not only that but the local village chief said she is also prepared to go the physical that is why she was seen rolling up her sleeves.

I say Father it is “absolute nonsense” all over the place. This weekend I am going to be careful before I do some or say some “absolute nonsense” things at home, because my kids will be there.

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