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Lord, the thing is too shameful mehn

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Dear Father,

I say the place I eh sef my mouth full. I’m speechless. The book people can say, “I’m flabbergasted.”

Let talk so and talk so too mehn, you want to tell me these people all the years they stay in power they couldn’t do something for their village sef-ay mehn!

You see what I can be telling you about how to live with your people in your community called your neighbors my son?

Yes, oo Father. No wonder the people can say character begins at home. The thing is so embarrassing that I don’t even know how to talk it.

You want to tell me all those years- mehn and whole two Paramount chiefs and two heads of our Traditional Council and still no road, no learning home and no human being garage? So what message have they sent to their people na?

And I hope they are not like some men who can only take care of outside girlfriends, while their families, are there suffering- I hope not even though it appears to be so.

Now, Father you see how this Footballer has come to embarrass them right in front of their own brothers and sister them right in their own backyards?

I say my son, myself the place I am, I too shame mehn.

But Father, the thing can embarrassed anybody who know these people from that village-They just forgot about their own people like that-ay mehn my heart.

How can they be living in such a glory and their people just right in the same midst with them suffering as if they have nobody to look to-so sad.Oh, my son, you na know that how some people looking?

But Father this one da na good life oo. You see everybody prays for their family members to become somebody so their lives will change. Yes, somebody that they can all depend on and you got that kina opportunity and your people remained in that way like that?

I mean Father, how a village can chopped two Paramount chiefs and two Traditional Council heads and yet looks like nobody from there has ever been to Ducor-it’s too shameful mehn.

Father even the Good Old Book says before a person become a deacon or a bishop, you must be able to take care of your home and your children first before they put you over people.

But look, you na care about your own family, how will you care for the people they are putting you over? No wonder for the last 173 years our village has just been like this.

This should be a lesson for all of us in this village. There are some of our big people who only care about how the outside neighbors think of them and not how their own household feels. Hmmm, it is well.

It is really well my son, and this should keep everyone thinking-and if we ever wonder why our village is so rich but yet poor it is greed and selfishness-only me and my family should be looking good and the rest feed from the crumbs on their tables.

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