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Lord, these chiefs are so funny

Dear Father:

Hahaha, hehehe, these chiefs from the Traditional Council are so funny.  I just can’t stop laughing. Oh yes, the theater has reopened for true again and we will see and witness lots of drama again.

I know right. So what’s the latest drama or play on display this time my son?

Father, the latest drama is The Equation of The 73. It is sub-titled The Division of 73 By 73, written and directed by the Paramount Chief of the lower part of the Traditional Council, and co-starring all the lower chiefs. The central theme of this drama is a mission to ensure salvation for the poverty stricken people living in the 73 districts including the remotest parts of our highly forested village. But they have no structure in place through which the salvation would be birthed, except by arrogating to themselves roles as usual-something that will make them the most beneficiary and no one else.

Is that what they say?

Yes, Father, the author of the script, the Paramount Chief of the Traditional Council said they were inspired after a single tour of the leeward parts of our forested village, where they witnessed at first hand the level of abject poverty and the living condition of the people there before coming up with this drama and throwing it in the faces of the people of the village.

Whether the people like it or not, its final, they call the shots after all, we are supposed to accept every trash from the Traditional Council. After all it is a theater and they must act, while we just watch without participation. That’s the kind of leadership they provide- no consultation or solicitations of other views. Even where they pretend to consult, it’s just intended to fulfill the gospel-that is to say “we held public consultation” but their minds are even made up before they say it in the form of proposals.

Wait, I don’t get it son, did you say this was their very first tour of the leeward parts of the village?

Yes, Father.

Who say, they or your?

Father, those words came from between the 32 teeth of the Paramount Chief.

Tell me something. And how long have the Paramount Chief and his cunning chiefs been seated at that Traditional Council?

Father, it is almost nine years now.

And this is the single trip they have made so far?

Yes, Father, the single trip, .And confession is good for the soul you know.

So, how have they been leading the people?

Oh, Father, by increasing the size of their cake from the national cake every year and ensuring that they and their girlfriends flout traffic rules. And who dares question their authority after all they are chiefs.

What kind of chiefs are they?

Father, they are chiefs who see themselves as demigods, ones who seek self and eschew citizens’ participation.

If one of them were to wake up in the morning and feels that his or her position is threatened, they quickly proceed at the Traditional Council and sell some spiders stories to two or more chiefs who think like them and the next day its law and gospel, no matter who loud the villagers sound to say this one “we na go gree”. They will say, what we want, is what we have done-the power of raising the fingers.

And you know Father, they are noted of overlapping their functions, what they know they suppose to do, they will leave it and do something else.

They want to tell us that for the past 9 years they have been increasing their budget, didn’t they know that other people were suffering?

When was the last time they ever cited somebody from the other side to ask about some of these things? The first amounts that were given to each district in 2006, we all know what some of them did here.

My advice to them Father, if they have forgotten their constitutional roles they should go back and read, about their dos and don’ts.

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