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Lord, These People Are only Concern about themselves!!

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Dear Father:

One for you people, one for us. One for you people, one for us. One for you people, one for us. What about those other people working over there? Don’t worry, when we finish sharing it equal share, we will then decide what to give them.

But my son what kinda noise I am hearing so like people dividing something?

Oh, Father, you haven’t heard the news ehn?  I see. It is our big people from the village money house and the chiefs at the Traditional Council trying to divide our national cake amongst themselves. This time, they say they don’t only want lion shares, but that they all should be on the same level. So they have decided to share it as if they were casting lots.

Tell me something my son! But who are the other people I overheard somebody asking about?

You mean those people during all the dirty jobs around the village?

Um uh, my son.

Okay, they are the village servants. They are the ones who do all the junky jobs around here.

But why are they not mention in the national cake to have share in it, why would the chiefs and the people from the village money house decide to discuss their share only after they have completed ensuring that the lion shares they want are allocated?

Father, it all just boils down to being self-centered, greedy, and unsympathetic to the plight of people. You know old man Gude in the good old book referred to them as “Brute Men.” They only come to take not to add.

Are you sure of what you are saying my son?

Father, if people in this village will expect much from these people other than fighting for more benefits and salaries, I will be the only man left in this village who do not expect anything more than that.

What you think must have been the cause for all this greed and quest to enrich oneself on the skin of the poor people?

Father, when you see boys and girls who are not ready to become husbands and wives queuing up to get marry, know that the institution called marriage will be corrupted and its core value will soon be reduced to a mockery.

You know, when we were growing up before a person ran to become a chief at the Traditional Council in this village, that person must have made the name for himself or herself. The person must have been well-established and have good moral rectitude and not a hustler.

But these days, everybody look at the Traditional Council as a place to make a break. It is now seen as a place where hustlers aim  to get quick money.

And who will not want to fight from the ghetto to become a chief, especially when you think of the free gas slips, travelling and all kinds of crazy allowances all to just chop the village money for going to work eight  times a month, of course , you will do everything possible to get there.

And when you are living in a village where you are made a big man because of your connection and not because of your qualification, you will also want to have your share of the national cake and hell with the village people. In this case they are enemies to your progress because it is just your own time to chop!

My son, why are you always like this. You seem to have a kind of mind set against your leaders. Is that so?

Father, let us put it this way. You see, do you know why many of my pears have problem with me? It is plain and simple. I am a man of my words, and that is why I don’t make plenty promises. But most of the people in this village, if they want something from you, they will make all kinds of promises and even condemned other people to make you do what they want, but when they get there, they are worse off than the people they have criticised over the period. So, if you were to ask me do I trust them, I will say a big no. I am yet to see who really have integrity in this village.

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