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Lord, these people are so interesting

Dear Father:

Uh, this saying that when the thief is from your house, he is not a thief but when it is from your neighbor’s house he is a thief is actually dominance among these Handshake people who are fighting tooth and nails to take our village for the third time.

What do you mean my son?

Oh, Father, haven’t you heard? The other day I was reading something in one of our town criers even though the people also sent it to my email but whilst I was browsing the web, I saw it in this town crier too. So I decided to read it from their end. It was one of the so many polls people are conducting in our village to according to them tell us who they say people think are leading the race for our village president. But what interested me most were the comments left behind by the diehard Handshake loyalists.

The thing is this other poll didn’t appear to have favored their man as the past ones have been placing him ahead and have been carried as screaming headlines in most of our local town criers this one actually depicts him as someone who has fallen from grace to grass. Yes, Father this one shows that their man has left the first position to a third position. It shows the Footballer as number one and the Chosen One as second.

Tell me something my son!

Yes, Father and this is the sign of defeat that the Handshake loyalists could not stand and were raining invectives on the owner of the town crier condemning the authenticity of this other report because it shows that their man is really losing it. They said it was faked and sponsored by rivals to make themselves feel good. So indirectly, what they are saying is that any result that doesn’t put their Oldman first is as fake as gold. Can you imagine this Father?

The funny thing though, these people have failed to realize that they are the ones tearing down their own numbers. Instead of focusing on marketing their man, they are all over the village picking at one club here and there. So, how their popularity will not drop-non sense!

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But Father come to think of it, how these boys will not be putting up a fight in every corner with diversionary tactics, when they fear of losing their 12 years dynasty. And worst of all when their man is coming in with his nephew in-law-My name oo!

My son, are you saying the Oldman chose his nephew in-law as running mate?

But Father, da fire coming from my mouth. The man chose his older brother son in law to be his running mate, and you think the people are joking around here. The man running mate has two children by his older brother’s daughter.

Okay, somebody will say but the people are not together again so what. But the truth is they are still in-laws as long as these children exist between them no matter what.

Somebody told me the other day that we think the Congo people are bad but when the country man ready, he can put his whole body inside it. Had it been a Congo man who chose his nephew in-law to be his running mate by this time our entire village is on fire. But like I often say when the thief is from your house he is never a thief.

So our people will sit down and allow a real dynasty to rule our village. This one will be a complete family government oo. These are things had it been with other clubs by this time the Handshake people will be screaming all over the place. They are here fighting tooth and nails to ensure that certain people from certain club don’t run.

They could not succeed on that one and they ran after some poor Elders who had done exactly what the village people have asked them to do. But being as it may, they still have to fight.

You see, Father that is while I often say only losers wine about their best. They are the only group in our present competition who is running around the place looking for whom supporting who and not how they can get their own support. And they have forgotten that this foolishness of theirs is causing them a lot. They should be careful before the next poll places their man at the tail end.

Father, I think instead of indirectly insulting owners of town criers or telling people who a particular town crier belongs to, they should focus on their strategies, other than that I can see most of them being jobless soon.


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