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Lord, These People Really Believe In Voodoo oo

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Dear Father,

You remember the last time what the Old Soja Man said about winning the voting thing through the spiritual realm?  Ay, it looks like hell na break loose oo, because it na easy? What do you mean? Oh, haven’t you heard how one of his peking them went to try the voodoo in their own backyard and the whole thing backfired.

Tell me something, my son. Oh, Father, they say the Old Soja man peking had gone to the place confident that he was going to knock out his opponent mehn. So what was he really depending on? The voodoo of course. Wait, my son, let me understand this thing here. You mean the Old Soja man peking went in their own backyard to make voodoo and it backfired.

So tell me who was he making this voodoo on and for what? Father you know now it is this same voting thing. The people suppose to decide among themselves who will represent them in this voting thing here for that area, you know everybody gat their own area now-and so your man went to his voodoo doctor and the voodoo doctor promised him that he was just going to walk over mehn. I see.

Okay, so what make him think that the other people would not have consulted their own voodoo doctors too na? The people say steel cut steel maybe when he went for his power, the other people went to another power greater than his, so at the end of the day his power failed big time.

They say it was not easy, that so, so witch the people were playing down there. You mean just to stand on their camp ticket? But the people already told you that they believe in the thing. Their chief had already said that he will win in the spiritual realm so everybody gat to contest in the spiritual realm now to test the various powers.

I see, so this thing their town crier said the other day that true. What did he say my son? The man said they were going to use voodoo to win the voting.

But haven’t you heard the saying that when the toad comes from under the river and say the crocodile is sleeping, you should believe it. And haven’t you also heard what the old people also say that children will only do what they see their parents do. That is why, they always say don’t say this or don’t do that in front of the children.

What are you saying again my son? Father, the people chief had already made it known that he was going to win the voting thing through the spiritual realm, so what this means is that everybody coming in to stand on the camp ticket must have to employ some kind of spiritual power and maybe that is why the man went to try.

But I hope they learn lesson from this one because it will depend on the kind of spiritual power and the other power the next person has to win the battle.

Anyway, so they say the people in the Footballer camp are struggling very hard to market their new leader ehn. They say the town crier them they were depending on to help sell the man too are still using the footballer.

Father, let them sit down there, they think that handsome boy speed the town crier them will depend on to go to press. Ehn they say they already gat the number let them sit down.

You who have your goods to sell you na market it that somebody you will depend on to market it. They think that gratis work the town crier them are doing here. Let thing sit down there if they are not careful the Footballer will continue to overshadow their man, after all, the Footballer is well known than him and is easily marketable.

So they say what happening in the Old Lady’s camp. Huh, they say the people are fighting over who should control the campaign cash. They say plenty vulture them na go around there just for the cash and if care is not taken they will mind the money business and the footballer will give them just one round.

So they should be jabbing themselves and do not take the time to put their house in other.

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