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Lord, They Are All Jokers

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Dear Father,

You know, the other day I was  sitting at my house and counted the number of times our people at the Traditional Council and those at the Castle often waste just by acting like chicks, I was amazed.

Ha,ha, ha, ha.

No, Father it is serious! These people are all jokers. The time they take to go from one town crier to another explaining what happened  behind their closed doors after pressing  their “chakala” button is nothing compare to the action of market women.

Can you imagine Father, if you were to count the number of times they have fussed amongst themselves since the Old Lady was sworn in this year compare the time to progress made, you will realize that they spent more time this year doing you say, I say than the people’s business.

Father, hardly a day goes by without one chief coming out to say what somebody from the Castle has said about him or her. And as they engage in this market women style our good friends who should have come to help us, hold on to everything, simply because they feel that our big people appear not to be serious. Sometimes Father, some of the things they fuss over is not worth fighting over at all.

My son, what do you expect when people who are not fully prepared for a particular job ascend to these positions. There are certain jobs that are for matured people, not people who just want to be heard and make for nothing noise especially in a gullible society like ours. Haven’t you heard the saying: Giving a man’s job to boys.

But Father, is it not written in your book- that greed and selfishness has prompted the infighting amongst them. They criticized everything. And in what they know to do that is good, in that they are very corrupt. Look at the way they divided the national cake among themselves and left the poor workers out.

Father can you imagine not one of them want to take responsibility for their actions and inactions? But they would take to the town criers  trading blames just to confuse the people more. What a shame?

Now, if you look behind these noise all they are pushing for is self interest. This is not about we the poor people in this village. All the noise about corruption and nepotism,is just a smoke screen.

Nobody cares whether somebody can afford to pay school fees for their kids. Not one cares about actually improving the living condition of one poor person. All they care about is self. And this is what they don’t want to hear.

Didn’t the chiefs at the Traditional Council announced the other day how they have put additional millions in the national cake for their people. It was all jazz, Father. In fact, the amount was distributed among themselves. The other people from the Castle talks about payroll being bloated with ghost names as if it is the poor people who can compile the payroll.

Me, I have said and continue to say, last year was the last time I voted. To see myself in a queue for somebody and their family enjoyment it will not happen again at least not for now, because not one can or will do better. They are all the same.

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