Lord, they identify with the good and dissociate themselves from the bad

Dear Father:
You know, come to think of it since the Country Giant and his people took over this village there has been nothing that has gone wrong I can lay my hands on that they have really taken responsibility for.

Trust me Father, there is not one bad thing the Country Giant and his followers has taken blame for rather they take credit for every good thing that happens to the village, while the bad ones are blamed on the Old Lady who barely spends time in this village (even though she deserves some as well) or her predecessors.

You know, it’s like Jude said in the Good Old Book-he said these are “filthy dreamers”. And for their followers, they speak evil of dignitaries of those things they know not. As for them what they know naturally like brute beast, in those things they corrupt themselves.
And believe you me Father, this has become the routine in our village-the failure to men up and take responsibility has long disappeared in our village as our meager resources are being plunder while the villagers groan in abject poverty.

Oh, yes Father. When the prices of the village stable goes up, they either blame the Old Lady or the founders of our village; when thieves at the village power house negligently cause power failure, they blamed the Old Lady or her predecessors; when some aggrieved persons get on our dusty roads to complain about the way things are going in the village they blamed people from the Old Lady’s camp who are still in their midst as the cause of the problem or undermines.

Oh and don’t be an outsider that try to speak the truth to power-soon they will call you an enemy of the state.Where are we really headed as a village, I wonder?
Again you know, it’s like the common saying, when you have a problem and refused to acknowledge that you are your own nightmare but rather think other people are the cause of your problem then you have a complex.

My son, where are you going with all of these today?
Father, just the other day there was no black gold in our village. I mean, this created a huge problem for all the villagers except for the big, big people.

The first thing instead of taking responsibility, the people began to lie from one end to another trading blames at each other as usual till they roped in the Old Lady-chey. Am very certain that when the rainy season starts and everywhere gets flooded, they will start the blame game from the days of the old fray light skin Old Man to the Old Lady.
So why are they there?

Father that is a very good question. The thing is the last time I checked, they told us they were coming to change the way things have been done in the past. But trust me, they keep blaming the past till sometimes I wonder when they will ever tackle the present before I even mention the future.

And as if that was not enough, one road design which the Old Lady and her people made few years ago is now being paraded as if they were the ones that made the design-complete hypocrisy-identifying with the good and dissociating with the bad from the same regime. How ironic. I wonder those posting those pictures know the origin-just wondering.

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