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Lord, they say do unto others as you may want them to do unto you

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Dear Father:

Hmmm, life is so interesting. If only we knew what we or others would become tomorrow, we or they would be very careful as to how we all go about conducting ourselves-its kina funny you know and interesting enough too.

The other day, I heard the Footballer calling for a village meeting with all the opposition groups in our village and I could not help myself with laughter. Like I said, it was funny hearing such a proposal from the Footballer and I was wondering how these people will be classified after meeting with him and his people. Trust me Father, life is so interesting.

I remember quite well, when the Iron Old Lady was then the reigning Queen of our village and things were getting out of control, she called similar meeting with all the opposition groups in our village. And guess what happened, it was the very Footballing Camp that boycotted the meeting and started calling their friends all kinds of names.

Today, it’s their term and now they have called similar meeting with some of the very people they were calling all kinds of names. I am just wondering what they would say if everybody boycotts them and say we don’t want to be called names.
You know, when you are growing up as part of the school of life, you often hear people saying to you, do unto others as you may want them to do unto you. Treat people the way you want others to treat you.

I remember when I was a kid growing up, I had an uncle who never missed Bollywood movies. In fact, he was an ardent lover of what we popular called Indian Movies, thanks to Riverli Cinema those days. I was below the moving going age then, so my uncle used to sit me down to explain those movies to me and trust me I used to believe all his lies.

But I was keen on knowing the movie titles. As I grew much older and video became popular and parents started buying home videos-I became very much interested in Bollywood movies as compare to the Karate and Cowboys’ Movies which were later taken over by Commandos (war) movies.

Yes, Father, and there was one Bollywood movie I used to love so much and the title of that movie still resonates with me today. And this is the part of the title I remember up to this day-“The Same Thing You Do To Me Today, Your Children Will Do It To You Tomorrow.”

Trust me Father, as the title goes you can very well tell what the movie was all about-a frustrated father with a rebelling son.

Now, so you see, when the Footballer and his people were using all kinds of tactics just to incite the people against the Old Lady and make everyone who one way or the other tried to help her to make our village succeed as the Footballer desperately wish today, they were given all kinds of names.

Today, they are desiring the same kind of meeting. So if they felt at the time that the Old Lady should have been left alone to fill miserably as a form of a political statement to justify their claims that the Old Lady did not know what she was doing at the time, what make them feel that the people will not do same to them.

So, you see Father, I will not be surprised when the very people they gave all kinds of names do not show up to that meeting. And they should consider that as a payback as they say in Uncle Sam’s village “Pay back is a bitch.”

There is a proverbial saying that when you are on your way up a tree, you don’t cut down all the branches that you used to climb because you must definitely need them on your way down.

So, I wonder how will the Footballer’s Camp feels if the very hostile attitudes that were exhibited against the Old Lady-the parading of our village streets with caskets and white cloths painted with red cool aid are used against them?

It is one of my lecturers who says, when you are negotiating always leave room for disclaimer, so that tomorrow you don’t get yourself entangle as a diplomat. Today, the Footballer has taken over our village reign, are they willing to accept the same things they did to the Old Lady, the same radical styles and condemnation, invectives that were hauled at the Handshake Camp?

So, you see, since we don’t know what the future holds, do unto others as you may want them to treat you tomorrow-anything less than that you are nothing but a hypocrite who should not be trusted.

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