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Lord, they say the liar can say my witness is dead!

Dear Father:

The old people can say, the person who can tell lie can say my witness is dead but in this case, my witness is truly alive. You see, I often tell people that no one can hide from the truth. No matter how long it takes the truth will always show face.-And like we say in our village here, when it burst, we will all smell it.

My son what is going on again? Father, do you remember few years back when I used to write all those stories about the people who can check to see if our big, big people and offices in our village are spending our money well or they are just chopping it?

Yes, my son, I remembered. Okay Father, you also remember the former President from the Pen Pushers Association and his cronies who went around saying all kinds of nonsense about me and defending those crooks at that place?

Yes, , my son. So what happened now? Father, it had to take some 6 good years for a foreigners from a very strange land to come and tell some of these fools who have been singing praises to those crooks at that place that they were also doing some bad things, just as I had said.

Tell me something my son! Oh, yes, Father, those fools who ganged up against me for the peanuts those equal thieves were giving them to talk stupidness around here about me just to protect their pockets should now bow their heads in shame because the Saint they saw is no Saint at all as I have been saying. And I dare any mad-pen pusher who benefited from those crooks to come forward, now that some strangers from a foreign village had proven me right 6-years later-stupid idiots! 

My son take time ay. It looks like you too vex oo. Yes, Father, I am very angry right now, because they get some so-called pen pushers in this village who only cares for their pockets and what they can get from these evil geniuses around here. So by the time you write something they want to come up and defend them even in the face of hard cord evidence.

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They have become a disgrace to the pen pushers fraternity and I dare any pen pusher whether big or small that benefited from those crooks parading themselves around here as Saints to write one line in any paper to deny what I am saying -that day if the person is a man or woman, their professional credibility will come to an end that is if they ever had any-Hypocrites!

Father, one thing I have always said is that this is my village and nobody can deport me from here. And because of that I will fear no one accept the organic laws of this village. But from where I sit at the moment, they haven’t heard anything yet.

Ehn, those crooks from that watchdog house have been exposed, with their secret accounts and all. Now I am waiting for their response to what this foreigner has said. All the town criers that were on their payroll about 26 of them- it is time for them to open their lousy mouths and say something-shameless people!

Is it not for such a reason that your son says one should first take the mot from his eyes before he talks about the mot of others. Me, I am waiting for the coming voting years, all the dirty cloths will come outside and I will wash them right in the open for the villagers to see how dirty they have been in this village, while they run around here like clean individuals.

My son this thing is getting serious, who are you hitting so? Father, one thing I know is that the individuals concern know themselves, but I say I dare just one town crier or pen pusher to say fuent! It looks like you really prepare oo?

Oh, yes, Father, I am. I have long been waiting for such an opportunity to vent my anger at these so-called professional hypocrites who considers themselves much more professional than others but they got more dirt than anyone can ever thing of. And I repeat, I just dare one of them to challenge me. They and their benefactors will live to regret that day for the rest of their lives because I will expose them on all fronts with documentary evidences too.


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