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Lord, they say town trap is not for rat alone

Dear Father:

The old people say town trap is not for rat alone. When you set the trap in the town targeting a rat, just know that, that trap will catch up to your chicken-even your dogs and cats will not be spare. My son! My name ooh Father. But da lie? Ehn when you set trap in the town every creeping and walking thing in the town is a possible target? That is why the people say if you don’t have plenty children don’t join witch craft.

But my son this other one that the plenty children mother will surfer ooh. Ah Father, either way you should be careful with the kind of things you get yourself involve in because whatever you do might just come back haunting you.

So what all this got to do with town trap not being for rat alone? Oh, Father, you haven’t heard the noise that is ongoing in our village here? My name ooh, Father, put me down! They say, the other day the Chiefs from the Traditional Council and the Old Lady from the Castle all came together to put in place some kina law that is now hurling everything in its path.

The people who can gossip say, because you know me, I na like gossiping. They say that law was actually targeting certain people who were using our village money to project themselves as saints just for their political gains. And they say the thing was hurting some of the village top guns.

And so all the big people came together and said the way this thing is going when it continue these people will take all the credit so we need to do something. They said somebody woke up and said but the thing is simple-if you go to Uncle Sam’s Village they gat this thing there. Somebody else said, you don’t even need to go to Uncle Sam’s Village, it’s too far-some of our neighbors get the same law around here. They went quick, quick with doing a thorough study, my name ooh because that they say told me oo.

So you know the people can say hurry, hurry burst trousers right. So when they went to put together this thing call law, a good one too but because it had some specific target, they just did a little cut and paste.

So they say the chiefs them said but da na you alone the giving hard time, ooh, your children are really our owner headache.

The chiefs said your children, plenty of them want come to take our place and when they stay in your kitchen to come challenge us, they will be fatter than us and therefore they might easily beat us in the process and take over our domain, so let put something inside that will hurl all of them.

They say the Old Lady said as long as this trap will catch that rat I don’t have any problem. Yor just make sure none of them get frisky one night to come challenge us.

So they all agreed to set this trap. Not knowing this trap was going to catch some of the Old Lady’s own children right in her back yard-the Oldma mouth sef full. That fire! I say!

Now, they have all retreated to the old communist style-four legs good, two leg bad. When the theft is your family member he is not a theft. But when it is from your neighbor’s house, da neighbor of yours have not train his or her child well and therefore he or she is surely a theft.

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