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Lord, they say when you bypass your respect, you will “bother” with your disgrace

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Dear Father:
Hmmm, my friend Dearboy can say, “When you bypass yor respect, you will bother with your disgrace-Ayaka, some people will balance.

They told you to leave the thing, still you were eating it. All the noise the children made behind you, you remained stubborn like a fly as if you were going to remain in power for life.

When the people go talk, all you used to do was open that your mouth wide and act like you were on your farm. You see na, how you come let these children come bring shame on you like this.

When you were eating wawa, like that, that your respect you were bypassing so oh. Didn’t you know that the disgrace would have been infront of you?

Um, my son, da who you on today so?
Oh, Father, you haven’t heard the news? Wait let me lay it on you. Ehnyou know da man with the ray lips who was the head for our village Sojar people?
Um uh, I remember him.

Okay, they say the time he was big man for our village Sojar people, he told the people to get in some kina susu. The children Uncle Sam’s money about US$3m, they say he and three of his men just chopped it wawa, no account.

Now, you see, God na get respect for anybody. One Old English man once said “the evil da man do can live after them.” Now, this old big man for the Sojar people must vomit the money or go to jail.
But that na all oo Father.

What one leave inside again?
You know that the man recently won our village election to be one of the chiefs from one of our Fiefdoms representing his people at the Traditional Council? Right now, as I speak to you that his position in jeopardy.

Tell me something my son!
Oh, our village law say no convicted criminal can be elected to any position in our village. Which means the way the people at the Palaver Hut fini convicting the man now, no way he can take seat at the Traditional Council.

Let them move from there mehn, they get all those killers them who they elected to be inside that Traditional Council, that eating Sojar them money business the man will not go sit down for?
By the way,enh they knew the man chopped the Sojar them money before they put him there?
Father, it na so oo. The time we were doing the voting, that the Elder them under the Small Palaver Hut said he was guilty first oo. But he didn’t listened and he went running to the Big Palaver Hut.

During that time, the people at the Voting House too could not stop him because they na get no fish to fry in criminal matter. Their owner job that just to do election. So that time there since the man had fini running to the Big Palaver Hut, he still had the right to run. Our Village oracle says, you are not guilty until you are proven to be so.

I heard they say the time the people got behind him for the money bisnay, somebody advised him to settle the thing quietly but he said no.At least by this time it was going to be civil matter but that his big mouth put him in the trouble today.So, you see, the man put himself in this big mess.

I na know how they will do it oo, but this one the man fini. He can’t hold any elected position in our village again with that title convicted criminal. So you see, when you bypass yor respect, you can bother with yor disgrace” way in front.

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