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Lord, they say when your house don’t sell you, the street will not buy you

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Dear Father:

You know there is this saying that goes like this: “When your house don’t sell you, the street will not buy you.” This is one of the challenges facing the Old Lady from the day she stepped her foot into our village Castle and surrounded herself with people, many of whom are personal fortune seekers.

Instead of selling her in a more positive way, it has sold her for all the negative reasons. Don’t get confuse here Father because I know there are many interpretations to this phrase as some would believe that a house selling a person can only be construed as revealing negative information about a person to his would be enemies-That would be a one way interpretation of such wise saying. Trust me Father, I know so.

You see, a house can also sell you for all the right reasons too. Take for instance those the book people called publicists-they are within the house and their duties are to sell you to the street so that the people of the street can buy you-your ideas and achievements for example.

But with our Old Lady, and her village Council, they are more marketable among Uncle Sam and his cousin for the right reasons, why back home they are for all the wrong reasons.

And why would you say that my son?

Father, this is all because those she has surround herself with don’t care about her legacy at home, all they care about his to make unnecessary noise on airwaves and stab her in the dark places.

You know the night is deeper than the day right?

Where are you going with all of these my son?

Father, arrogance is the problem I see here. When some people sit on the airwaves and preach the whole day or turned what suppose to be a town crier meeting that will inform people of what is happening at our village Castle into a sermon, what do you expect?

When a man takes 2 hours on the airwaves and say nothing but just rant, he has sold nothing and buyers he will not go after such rants..

Turning a town crier meeting into a church is not selling it is preaching and I know many of the town criers walk away from that church each day not being convicted by the doctrine being preached.

You see Father, that is why I was not surprise the other day when that Old Lady from Uncle Sam’s village was telling the Old Lady’s mouth pieces that they needed to be what the big English she spoke-robust.

Now, believe it or not Father, many of them will think that by being robust, would mean standing into people’s throats as some of them are already doing. But it is being able to sell for example the achievements so far of the Old Lady and her Council. Instead of sitting and preaching for an entire hour and people leave the service with nothing concrete them even enforces mix-belief.

So you see, the Old Lady’s popularity here is dropping not because she isn’t doing anything but because her house is either selling her for all the wrong reasons or is not even selling her at all.

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