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Lord, they should stay inside oo

Dear Father:
Hmm, you know, I can’t really understand human being. No, it’s true. It’s very hard to understand human being, especially those from our hardly forested village.

What have the people done again my son?
Father just few months ago, everybody was jumping around here beating their chests and boasting how they were proud to be part of the Footballer’s Camp.

I remembered while standing in one of the money houses in our village just days before the run off of the election in 2017, one old teacher, could be heard screaming on top of her voice telling everybody how she was voting for the “big, big eyebolt”.
Whoever she was referring to as the “big, big eyebolt” certainly was not sleeping Joe-and of course, since there were two people in the race, if it were not sleeping Joe then it was obvious that the “big, big eyebolt” was in reference to the Footballer- unless of course there was an unknown third person.

But Father, the old teacher was not alone. Just months into the Footballer’s reign most of the known figures in ships that we knew were jumping from every angle. For a second there, I thought there was a tsunami, it wasn’t. It was the movement of people who felt that in order to perpetuate their reign in power, since most of them were just come they needed to join the Footballer’s camp.
Yes Father, it was like a move that shook everyone. Can you imagine while some of their leaders were still nursing strokes and heart attacks from the 2017 defeats, they were lining up at the Footballer’s camp with their files looking the internally displaced people (IPDs) queuing for ration.

Now, we have not even gone anywhere far and the stories am hearing are unbelievable! Am told most of them are now regretting their move because things are becoming very wonderful in our village. They are moving under the cover of darkness explaining their regrets and how shame some of them claim to be fearing that this savior who could just appear to a place with you and everybody in that Fiefdom will be chasing after you no longer enjoys that prestige.They want to leave including some of the old camp members but to where.
Hmm, my son.

Yes oo Father, they want to move. Just the other day I was sitting at the village Hill of Learning doing some work and these two older women were seriously engage in conversation. Their entire lecture was around the tough times people are experiencing in the village: people working and not getting pay, the cries of people being unable to pay their pekin them school fees.

Father, the conversation became so interesting that I had to ask the elderly one saying but is this not the person the teachers wanted?
Father the question was as if I had insulted the woman. I had to immediately apologize to ensure that I was in a saver environment.
But come to think of it Father, why people only love good things and not willing to suffer to enjoy it? Why do most people like to ride on other’s success? Trust me Father, for a second there I almost thought our village was turning into a one party state because the speed at which people were jumping ships was scarring.

My son what do you think they were all doing it for?
Father, they were doing it out of greed and thought that by aligning themselves with the Footballer’s camp would certainly put them in prime positions to feed on our village resources. Now that things are not working the way they had all anticipated they are the ones leading the exodus and running around with their tails between their legs. But we will ensure that they stay inside.

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