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Lord, They Still Have More To Say (Pt II)

Dear Father,

The good old book says, correct a wise man and he will heed to correction, but a fool and he will come after you.  Why are you saying this my son?

Father, I say this to point out few things: there are many people in our village that will like to talk about other people and point out all the ills about them, but will not like for anyone to judge them through similar scrutiny. To do so is like a taboo and if you are not careful they will call you all kinds of names.

But that the all kinds of names you afraid of. I beg you ya. You gat your eating bowl in anybody house before you will be afraid-or you one of those who they get on salary that you will be afraid that the way the month is coming to an end, they will freeze your salary. You better wait here: what they have not said about others. Wait now that those opportunist figures you will mind.

Look my son, let me say this, you see in this village, some of the people are so narrow minded that they can believe anything without checking the facts-even if they were not on the scene or do not understand what is going on, they will still beat their chests for that thing. The book people called them blind followers.

And so, they expect everybody to think like them, and when you say no, wait a minute, let me stand on the other side and look at it critically, then you become an enemy.

But Father, I thought the old people say keep your friends close but your enemies closer? Ah, not in this your village my son. Not here. Here it is the reverse; keep your enemies close and your friends closest. This is a place where insignificant people become stars overnight. They always have followers.

Anyway, my son, you were saying something last week about how some people were saying all kinds of things about you around town here.

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Oo…Father that those people I will listen to. The people who don’t want anybody to say anything about them. I understand they called themselves angels when in fact they run an entity like a police state. Before you expressed your reservation, you must make sure you already gat a job somewhere waiting for you because, nobody dictates to the oracle in that place.   That place is almost like Uncle Sam’s declaration after 9/11, you either for us or you are against us. My father used to tell me yes sir, your sir can’t burst trouser.

But my some tell me something, what is the problem between you and the people from that house that can look in to the books of all the village operations here to find out whether people are stealing the village money or not.

Father, there is nothing between those people and me; they just don’t like the truth that’s all. What you mean by saying they just don’t like the truth. Father I mean just that. The people lack tolerance, they just can’t stand correction, and I don’t know what kind of people who don’t like correction.

They get a very thin skin, you know. But why all the other town criers here can’t see what you see, because they just refuse to see it my way. They get their own ways of seeing things, and they have every right to see it the way they see it. I have decided to see it another way.

But the people say you are a pay agent that is why you say the things you say and write what you write. Hahahaha, Father don’t finish my laughing ya, which one of the town criers in this village will have the bolls to say that. Because I get all their payrolls from the Ray Hay man time at the Oil Company and the one from the latest saint in town. That is why they can’t criticize him or say anything negative. So let them put foot and see. I dare anybody to put foot.

The only thing they can spread about me is rumor and they will only say it behind my back not in front of me. At least, for me I get real names and code names matching and the various amounts.

But my son you can’t release it now. No, Father, I am waiting for voting time first. You know that the time everybody can be going into the various closest to put things outside. My son all these things you doing you have to be careful because I heard that there is a serious plot outside there against you oo.

Well, I think they will stay long inside oo. Me, I did not migrate from any neighboring village to settle here, they buried my navel string here.  But time they will take to be talking about me I will be flying high!!

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