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Lord, This 2011, Da Voodoo Elections?

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Dear Father,

This thing the people have been talking about this Gboyo business, is it really true?  What, have you heard something than they say?

Father, I have heard a lot, some of which are like a dream to me. Trust me Father, I believe in the existence of Supernatural Powers. Because I believe in the Almighty Superior Power and that is you, I also believe that if there is a Superior Power, then there exist other subordinate or fake powers.

But the way our village people are doing the thing now it is getting me confuse, I mean the use of human parts to get power through juju, what kind of barbarism is that?

Huh, you called that barbarism, don’t you know your people believe in their voodoo doctors more than any other thing- I mean their witch doctors. So even if their witch doctor tells them that you need to sacrifice your mother, wife, daughter or son to get wealth they are willing to do so as long as that is their ultimate desire and that is a very common thing in our part of the universe.

So, imagine their witch doctors telling them to bring in some human parts and blood, they are ready and willing to do anything. Like one Zoe I know who has his small-god in his closet. And when your man consults that thing before coming to work in the morning his face can look like burnt monkey.

But Father, there seems to be an irony in this whole thing: The Voodoo or witch doctor who always perform the enchantment exercise always appear very poor and usually dressed in rags living in dilapidated  structure in an obscure location, why the solution or wealth seeker  comes ridding in flashy cars and dressed in elegant attires.

But Father, have you heard the news? They say this whole Gboyo thing is all about Politics. They say the way voting time coming again, some of the people want to get big, big positions so the voodoo doctors are telling them  that now is the time to prepare.

Are you saying that making human sacrifices at this time will give them an edge over their opponents? But what can I say Father, the people in that part of our village believe in the Gboyo thing so much.

Wait oo, Father, I am getting confuse here, I remembered doing the 2005 voting time just before my main man Yule Blunder could leave the scene, there were lots of people who said God had called them to be President or that and that he had even told them what kind of suits to sow for the inaugural ceremony and all of that.  Are they saying that for this coming 2011 voting that Voodoo Doctors time now to determine who wins the elections?

Dame! Father that would mean plenty dead bodies on our streets oo. Do you know how many persons want to be president in this small village here? And the way the Gboyo business na start in the Gboyo city, the virus will soon spread to the other cities, like the Nygee ( ritualistic murders that occur beneath the rivers) Cities, and other places.

I just hope the witch and voodoo doctors will be talking the truth oo. Because it’s the same lies many of them told on the Old Man oo. And you know, I was angry Father, because at that time you refused to speak to me too as to whether I could run. I couldn’t believe that all the letters I was sending you, you could not confirm me too. But now, I know that all the people had been lying on you.

So are you saying they were using the Old Man’s name to attract to themselves more villagers to vote for them? But you know how our people in this village can do the God business na-The way they can pretend sef, some of them from the church, strait to the beer bar or motel. Well, no wonder they got punished so badly because the Holy Book says “Thy shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, for He will not hold you guiltless for taking His name in vain.”

I see why con-man them are taking it at the other level. They say since all the false prophets failed them in 2005, and some of them are looking at their ages now, seeing that it is no longer in their favor, they want to take this politics thing here by force.

They must take time oo, before their own heads leave there oo. Because just how their witch doctors are telling them to bring human parts and blood, that is how other voodoo doctors will also link them to the butchering of their victims. And one thing, when the people in this village put mouth on you, it can be hard for you to recover.

Father, me, I na say they must not do everything possible to get political appointments and win elections oo, but they should know that when plenty children start going missing, and husbands or wives can’t return home and their bodies discovered the next day with parts extracted, then that wahala coming oo.

The thing is Father, I have not heard of a voodoo or witch doctor having a fleet of cars or a cluster of mansions or estates before, one good thing I know and thanks to Naja movies, they are always looking like mad men and women. So how then will you describe those who seek the help of a mad person, well, I leave that one with your.

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