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Lord, this Chief has a point

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Dear Father:

Huh, you know, these few days I have been doing some eavesdropping at the Traditional Council where a chief there is trying to fight a one man war.

He alone?

Yes Father, he is the only man who has the guts to stand up on such issue and not worry about his pocket. He’s being seen as a traitor by some of the chiefs who parade around here enjoying huge benefits and free gasoline and fuel.

Some of them don’t even know the actual price of the cars they drive neither do they know the price of spare parts for repairs because everything is on the shoulders of we the poor villagers.

Ok, enough of your ranting, tell me what really is happening there?

Father, what else could be causing this problem if it is not because of money palaver. This Chief, looking at the increasing harsh living conditions in our village, compare to the ever increasing benefits of our chiefs at the Traditional Council, and the peanuts being pay to subjects there had been advocating that they (chiefs) have some cuts in their huge salaries and benefits so as to add on to the salaries of their subjects.

But it appears like the Paramount Chief from the Upper end of the Traditional Council, the one with the highest budget, benefits and allowances is so angry that what suppose to remain in house for discussion has come out in the public.

The Paramount Chief instead of shouting his mouth and let other chiefs talk has become the first to throw stone, saying that the Chief should be the first to reduce his salary and benefits. You know that ugly animal attitude na. They say the animals were having party and asked the ugly animals to go for water and baboon telling pig to bear gee.

Ay, my son, I thought it suppose to be leadership by example?

Leadership by what example Father? Don’t you know that most of the chiefs at our village Traditional Council are hustlers and are willing to even divide crumbs with subjects evenly?

If most of them were like this chief who is already accomplished before coming to the Traditional Council seeking the needs of the subjects that work with them at the Traditional Council, there won’t have been any problem. In fact this village wouldn’t have been given most of the raw deals it is experiencing now all because of chiefs trying to get cuts.

Now, can you imagine Father, if these chiefs cannot seek the interest of those who serve them at that Council on a daily basis, how can they seek the interest of the larger village?

It’s like what Jesus said how can you say you love God you have not seen and hate your brother you see every day?

But this should be a lesson to all villager here, that if the people are refusing and fussing over the welfare of the people that serve them, how much less about those who they claim to be representing at the Traditional Council?

As for me Father, I can say it without fear or favor that I don’t have any Chief at that place because whoever is from my chiefdom is seeking his own interest not mine. The man is thinking of how to put more money in his pocket and maintain his lavish lifestyle not to better mine.

If they can fight one of their own who is seeking the interests of their subjects that serve them on a daily basis, what would they do for some of us if not to seek their own welfare?

But this should serve as a lesson to our fellow villagers that those chiefs in that place are not in anybody interest, they are only there to enrich themselves and their families-oh I forget and their numerous concubines. But 2017 will restructure that place like that oil farm is going through now.

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