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Lord, this is a village living in fear!

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Dear Father:

Hmmm, this one na, it hard to talk oo. You mean da how we will be going one by one. You wake up in the morning bomb! They find someone body in the car, somewhere by a road or the beach. The thing is so scaring.

What’s happening again my son?

Oh, Father, hmm, da the way people dying in our village nowadaysI talking here so oo. And the way people talking it sef, it already na start making some of us scary-the entire village is living in fear right na.

Tell me something!

Yes, oo Father, it na easy. The other day two people-a man and a woman working with our big tax house were found dead in their car parked on the main street.


Da na alloo, now we hear, they say another one from the same place was murdered too. Hmm, this time when you leave your house and go back home you moth have a small thanksgiving service oo because right na we don’t know.
So my son oo, you want tell me the entire village na get security?

Father, even the security people sef, you go to them they will speak big book da they na equip. The only people you see with big, big gun them da the people guarding our big, big people them. For the rest of the village, we just have to look up to the Old Man up there to send his boys to look after us at night.

Then da na small thing yor going through oo.

Um, Father da the one you talking slow like that so. Ehn da the thing them we can be talking here and the other people who are not living in this village can say we talking bad about the government every day.

But you see God na like ugly. One other one was here the other day. I na say they say, from his own sefmouth telling the whole world the things we are going through in this village. And this is a man, a whole pastor oo, he will get on Face to Face and be defending our government and causing everybody who say bad thing.

So, he came down from Uncle Sam’s village to visit and not only did he see for himself but all the bad things that we are going through here he experienced almost half of them just for that short time.

You joking!

Father, this one da na joke oo. The man say the place he was sleeping the children opened the window to fish in his room, the same thing we can experience here every day. He na stop there oo. He say while he was preparing to leave the village, they stole his phone.

The man say, while turning around to the place the children jerk his phone, some of the same children came and say he should give them money to go collect it.

He say the children brought their big man for the rogue them in da community to him. The man say he must pay money. He got vex, he went to the police, the police say they na equip to go after the children.

The police people sef, sef tell the man say they know the area the boy can be but they na equip to go there.-see trouble!

But this is somebody who sitting down comfortably in Uncle Sam’s village oo. When he ready to put his mouth on people here defending the Footballer as if allor us here are bad people who na like the man.

Now, him sef, sef say the way he saw things, if we na careful we will fight war here again-God forbid!

He say even on the street, the rogue them are all over the place trying to jerk people things and securities will tell you they na equip to protect the poor citizens. This one da na Congou people doing oo.

You see Father, da the thing about our brother and sister them who are not living in this village. When outside there, they think their lives are more superior than those of us that are hear. In fact, they think, they are the most educated, most civilized and most everything and they alone get the best ideas and when they come home and taste just a little of what we live with then they get all over the place.

We who wearing the shoes say it hurting, you say we are lying, we just want to draw attention-now I jus waiting to see whether his posts on Face to Face will change from now on.

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