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Lord, This Is The Hard Truth About Our Village Economy

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Dear Father:

Huh, you know for sometimes now I have noticed something in our village that I think should concern all of us?

What is it my son?

Father, whether the people like it or not, things are not really fine in our village, especially with our village money business. It appears that instead of going forward, things continue to go backward- I mean get tougher by the day and it really doesn’t look good. The book people would say “the economy is in a continuous free fall.” You see, it is better to call a spade a spade than to pretend that all is well when you know all is not well.

My son, the one you talking here today, you sound very serious oo.

Oh yes, Father, I’m dare serious.  You know, I have noticed over the past, things continue to get harder, particularly so in the area of our village money matters.  Can you imagine at this time of the year, when we all should be getting ready to enjoy your son’s birthday, where everybody should be putting smiles on the faces of their children, some of us can’t even buy one pair of slippers for our children, talk less of the people who also depend on us to put small thing in their pockets.

When the town criers write about it they say that blackmail and poisonous pens.

Remember my complain to you last year around this same time, now I can say about this time last year, things were much better as compare to this year-meaning things are actually going from bad to worst.

But my son, what you think is really going on?

Father, to tell you the truth, I wish I really knew the answer, but unfortunately I don’t. Some people in our village would say it is because of the stealing habit of some of our big, big people in the village that is why things are what they are today. But the unfortunate truth is that even some of the village big, big people too are gapping like hell. I say some, I did not say all-because you know like George Orwell puts it, “All animals are not equal.”

And one thing I don’t understand is I don’t know what the people who are managing our village money are doing? Is it that they are not collecting or it’s just that they are not managing it well and that they are allowing too many leakages in the system.

The other day I heard that they suspended some big people from the money house for allowing some people to steal our village money through false claims.

Ah, my son so you see what you said about some people in your village saying things are hard because some of the big, big people are stealing the money?

Yes, oo Father, because they say some people to the money house can just tell their friends say just do the payment voucher in your company name and we will pay it. Some of the companies to which the payments are made, Father are said to be ghost companies, they disappeared as quickly as possible just like the company that employed the fake interpreter at Mandela’s funeral.

And yet the people say they have all the due diligence in place?

Father, that one that just free noise. You know in our village we can build sky strippers in our belly and six lanes boulevards in our pockets, on the beer tables and in red banks-so that one, that just free noise.

Ehn this time that on the town criers everybody can put their frustration-the town criers this, the town criers that. But they forget that it is some of these very town criers on whose shoulders they have cried and they are where they are today.

But I don’t blame them. It is just like the way a man meets a woman today. It is the very way he or she would think of him or her. If they met today and slept, both would think it is easier for the other to meet another person and sleep with them so easily. Therefore there will always be suspicious of infidelity in such relationship-no trust, absolutely not.

So if they had used some of the town criers to do their dirty propagandas and now finds out that the same town criers are going against them in a similar vein, they would conclude that their enemies must be at work and therefore the town criers are described as being blackmailers, unprofessional people parading the village with poisonous pens. They soon forget that they also help make that pen poisonous when they hired them in the past and they yielded to the call. I rest my case Father. Hope your son has a very wonderful birthday, as we struggle to find something to celebrate with him.

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