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Lord, This Is Total Abomination

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Dear Father,

I say this noise about gay rights in our village that everybody is talking here and there, what are you saying about it-because I heard that some big people in our village are actually pushing for it behind the scene?

My son, you know, I will never support such an idea- that is not even part of this village’s culture. Now for the proper use of those genitals we carry is why the Old Man up there, created the opposite sexes.

But Farther, some people say they were born with a kind of gene which makes them to feel like sleeping with their friend man or woman. And you know the funny thing, Uncle Sam and his cousins are now telling us that these gay people should be given the right to marry and if we don’t do so they will not give us money. Can you imagine this Father? Than a man should be given the right to marry his friend man in our village and a woman the right to marry her friend? Nonsense! This is total abomination.

My son, if Uncle Sam and his cousins like, they should keep their money but this other one, in fact is demonic and unacceptable in our village culture.

Father, you are very right. Do you know what will happen in our village when this man marrying man and woman marrying woman is allowed by law, especially where the poverty rate is so high among the youths?

Do you know how many of our young men and women will be forced into such relationships in return for jobs? Because it will no longer be illegal, and so it will just be the same way as many of our young sisters are being forced into relationships in return for jobs.

Now, Father, I don’t think you want to see most of our University boys who are struggling to pay tuition fees being force to engage in such practice.

My son, come to think of it, this whole thing is actually demonic for true because to look at your friend man with similar muscles like your and falls in love with him and desire to sleep with him, an Oga will tell you, you are going mad.

But Father the way the people na put money business in front, if you leave it with our chiefs at the Traditional Council then I think that different story we will here oo, because already they say some big men are willing to sponsor the bill. And with Uncle Sam and his cousins being interested, it will almost be like a stake and carrots game.

Anyway, they say what happened here the other day with about a young lady walking just like the way her ma born her for Uncle Sam money 1000 by one chief?

Ah, they say it was at one town crier’s party. The people who were there said this was after the chief had gotten drunk and insulted everybody and said that it was his private house so he had the right to do anything he wanted to do. They say the chief said I will give any young girl who walks in front of all these men butt naked 1000 of Uncle Sam’s money.

They say one poor lay girl who had never held 1000 before just jumped out of the swimming pool half naked. But the man said no, I say “butt naked” and that’s how the girl remove her jean strains and walked in front of the men.

But my son, I thought the chief na denied this thing and said it was not so? Father, do you expect the man to come and say it happened.

Okay, the town criers reported that a young lady walked butt naked for 1000. They did not put the name of the young lady there.

The next day a young lady called a radio station and says, I was the one but I did not walked butt naked I just came from the swimming pool and the man give me 1000of our village money. Then the young lady went on to say the reason I have come out to clarify is because my parents and friends read it in the papers and they were calling me. Now, how do the girl’s parents know that she was the one because it could have been any young girl who was at the party and so no need to come up and say your parents called you.

The next thing the name the girl gives was not her complete name. So, something should tell you that somebody is not saying the truth here.

Did I hear that the Footballer has condemned the Chief, oo, the Footballer gave it to him hurt. But it was na easy at the village highest place of learning today? Some of the students there say the Footballer and the Chief who is more immoral?

What do they mean by that my son? They say the Footballer who walked butt naked and is played on the internet on Facebook too for money and the chief who just asked somebody to do it willingly who is more dirty?

Anyway, that is our village for you, plenty thing can happen.

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