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Lord, this is very sad

Dear Father;

You know, it is very sad to hear the way people stretch their veins to defend the indefensible in our village all because of personal gains and interests.

And come to think of it Father, most of these surrogates don’t even believe in whatever they are pouring out there in defense of whoever their benefactors are. The simple truth is they are always after their bellies and what they can get to survive on for the next day.

For a second there, I don’t blame some of them though, because if you were to ask some of them where you see yourself two to three years from now, you will be amazed to hear “nowhere sir.”

And don’t add what is your motivation for what you do, because the response will leave you flabbergasted.

Yes, Father, that is if they are very honest and not blaming anyone else for their failures and allowing themselves to be used and dumped by individuals whose aims are straightly designed to accomplish their selfish desire by any means necessary.

So here I was the other day listening to one of the Town Crier Houses in our village. And what I heard was beyond mindboggling. I mean don’t get me wrong though because I know politics is characterized by propaganda but when propagandas are based on lies, then it raises eyebrows about the true integrity of the individual. Ask Uncle Sam about this one.

But this is the thing though, in the midst of countless evidence, a surrogate of a particular candidate from one of our political clubs here was painting that particular leader as a saint. And this particular political club leader is noted for not taking responsibility for things he knowing or unknowing participated in.

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In fact, he is fast becoming famous with “It wasn’t me,” because nothing he has ever done wrong. Yet there are records impeccable to show that this particular guy is no saint as he has either portrayed himself or being portrayed by his followers. But again that’s our village. A thief is only a thief when he is not of your own household.

Father, what saddens me most is when people look at the evidence right before their very eyes and open their mouth wide just to lie through their teeth.

Another thing is that most of the surrogates are job seekers, people who just jump on a band wagon, just waiting to be rewarded with an office to continue plundering our village’s resources where ever they may have stopped.

This is so sad, when people are so dishonest with the truth, just to get an opportunity to plunder the village resources.

Of late, I have heard people of corruptible records with no standing of themselves jumping all over the place endorsing people here left and right. The truth is they don’t care if some of those individuals have the ability to lead our village from poverty. No, all they care about is what is in there for them.

This reminds me of 2005, when some so-called elders in our village jumped behind the Footballer. And when the run-off result was announced, they came running saying disappointingly-we thought the boy had the thing.

What they were simply saying was that they were only supporting him because they found that the possibility of them getting a job from him would have been easier than the Old Lady who knew the kind of character they were unlike the Footballer.

So, it is no surprise, that some of these individuals are again hallucinating around here behind individuals they think will again give them the opportunity to be ushered back into the political limelight and rewarded with our village resources. But disappointments await them all.

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