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Lord, This Man Da Chief or Gangster!

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Dear Father,

So they say our second paramount chief at the lower end of the Traditional Council na turned gangster eh?  I heard our man beat up one blue uniform peking the other day and that he (the blue uniform peking) is almost at the point of death.

For true? Yes Oo Father. I heard that when the blue uniform people went to handle him like one common criminal your man called all the other chiefs to come beg for him.

They say it was na easy that day. They say people from your man camp went there too to protest as if what he did was the best thing.

You mean people from the chief’s camp actually went there to protest the chief’s arrest? That fire? I say they say the people went there prepared to disrupt our village peace under the pretense of solidarity with the man who has no respect for himself. A man who does not understand the position he occupies on the Traditional Council. But eh da your people put him there? I beg you ya Father, you think I na get future for my children to put da kind of man to that place.

But how did they get the news? Who they? I mean the people from the chief’s camp.  Oo, they say that one of their men who called on one town crier station telling them how the poor Old Lady who was outside of the village had instructed the blue uniform people to seize their chief.

Is that so? Yes, Father. So what are they saying then, that it was right for their chief to act like a gangster or to lead a gang of like minded people to beat up the poor blue uniform man?

Wait, Father, I can’t understand this thing here, so you mean this is what these people from the chief’s camp actually did?

Is it not these same people who want to lead us in this village, so what kind of council are they going to run here?

Are they saying that the day they come to run our village council they will all be above our village oracle, I mean untouchables? Nonsense!

So, what they blue uniform people did now? Nothing, what will they do when our man called all the other chiefs to beg for him to safe his skin.

But the blue uniform people sef ya, they should have flogged that chief at the place the thing happened, then by this time he and the blue uniform man would have been feeling the same pain and that is the palaver we were going to be talking in our village by now.

But they allowed the man to go before they go to his resident sleeping place to grab him. Yes, but it shows that the blue uniform people are more trained and civilized than the chief.

You called yourself a chief and you do not know your function, it’s a shame. Ehn, I see why one of my old workmate at the society house used to be telling his friends that they do not know their functions.

And he was right so too, because people who know their function perform it in a most civilized and orderly manner. They do not go out their fighting on the street like gangsters.

But wait oo Fahter, don’t this chief know that the issues of “gangsterism” are things of the 60s and 70s and that this era is all technology and dialogue? How the man will know? The place he is self is not something he actually prepared for, it is just sheer luck and the work of people who do not know what they really want, that is how we can end up with situations like these.

It is like giving a man’s job to a child to perform. Or maybe your man thinks he is acting in one of these Oga movies. But then he will really stay long inside oo.

So, tell me, how far have the blue uniform people gone in bringing this chief who behaves like a bastard to book?

Oh, you haven’t heard how your man ran to the Palaver Hut to be covered by the elders there?

Tell me something? Yes oo Father, they say, your man went begging the people to stop the blue uniform people from disgracing him. I see.

But where the people from his camp who were still thinking that we are still living in the Stone Age? You mind those ones, they will feel it. We know that they do not mean well for this village and all they want is to have anarchy all over the place. They are like the Progressives who see nothing right with everything that other people do when they are not the ones controlling things.

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