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Lord, this man is only displaying his true self

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Dear Father:

You know, there is a saying that no matter how hard a man tries to hide, his true self, will one day show up. Yes, a person’s true self (character) depicts who he/she really is and no man can hide from himself.

My son, why all these big, big book for na? Speak our village English so we all can hear whattin you saying.

Yea mehn Father, that this other Chief from the Traditional Council here every day apologizing for lying- if that na Uncle Sam’s money 15,000 story, that ticket bisnay and he will not stop.

Now, everybody calling him Mr. Liar man all over the village because it looks like the guy likes lying too much! He na turned from light to darkness-puah…

But wait oo, he was ever a light first? The man da pure conned-artist then you’re calling him light around here.

Ah Father, but wattin I moh say. The man said he was going to the Traditional Council to be the only light in the darkness. Now, the thing his people can’t understand is that light bulb can attract insects of all kinds.

But the one I can’t understand must he lie? Was it not his own money? What was he trying to prove?

Father, the man was trying to impress his followers and other villagers who are easily fooled by him. And in so doing he has exposed the true self-which he has been faking all along. I’m telling you, Father, only fake people lie to impress. And just so you know Father, only fake people lie about simple things because lying is their habit so it’s hard for them to tell a simple truth.

The money is yours, you could choose anything you want to do with it and nobody will ask you-even if you went to Charlie Land and decided to do an upgrade, it’s for your own comfort and nobody but because everything you must lie and so you told a lie. You know, it’s like a child who keeps his/her food turns around and steals over it.

But my son, all the things you talking hear, I still can’t understand, was he forced to lie?

Father, if something is in your nature, it doesn’t matter the situation. Some people will go behind the house to ease themselves, and when they are asked where you coming from, they say nowhere. They lie about every simple thing.

Funny enough, this chief behavior is not far from what they say about liars-They are always people who try to be something they are not.

The man wants us the villagers to believe that he is humble and not extravagant, but in truth that’s what he is. And all he is trying to do is to fake it that he is not. But the truth is that’s what he is.

The bad news is, it’s really difficult to live a lifestyle that is not yours-for how long can you pretend to be what you are not. Let say you even want to have a double face, one day you will be caught, because maybe you will forget to wear the other face when you should have stayed with the current.

The most shameful part in this was to go and print tickets trying to defend a lie-and that’s what liars do, they use lies to defend a lie.

Anyway, the chief’s supporters will go all out to defend his lying habit. And like we always do in our village, we will try to find comfort by comparing with other people. But the truth is the chief was the one who set his own standards, the others did not. They know they are not correct so they never went over there shouting.

Unfortunately, your chief did and so he should be held by his own standards, not looking at other standards to take comfort in your failure to uphold your own standards.

The other chiefs did not go to the Traditional Council saying their hands are clean, you said your hands were clean and will remain as such-it’s your own standard deal with it. Now, you are just like the rest of them. You have lost your moral standing because what else are you not lying about and showing us different reference papers?

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