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Lord, This no money bisnay that na small wahalaoo

Dear Father:
Hmm, so this no money bisnay that na small wahalasehn? Everywhere you turn in the village people are crying. Some say they put their money in the small, small money houses around here but when they go there they can’t get it.You mean the money just vanished from the village like that?My son wait oo, so this thing just getting to you ehn?

No oo Father, The thing is getting very serious. Our old people say the place spoon can reach before mouth open, the spoon na reach there na and it tough-it na easy.
But my son, oo, I thought yor village big, big people say they want to go and print new money for the village?

Um, Father, da what we are hearing in the village oo. But in the first place they told us the other money did not disappeared and that it was still in the village, so why they can’t put them outside na?Aah, but where you think they are keeping it?
Father, da one da good question. But that ask, da na my ask. In fact, let them go to the Fula and Lebanese people round here who are playing games with our village.
What do you mean my son?

Oh, Father, you don’t know that these people are causing problems for us in this village too. After they come in our village with one hand bag, go to our small, small money houses and credit from there and get rich off us, then they start to tell us all kinds of stupid-ness.
The first thing, they will not want to carry the money them back to the small, small money houses again. They can start to tell the people what they want.
Is that so my son?

Father, these Lebanese and Fula people are the ones killing our village so. They are the ones keeping the money in their houses.But ehnyor allow the people to control yor village economy how they will not dedictate to yor and cause problems for yor village economy.

Father, this one you talking here da na lie oo. Our village big, big people and the small, small money houses are the ones who have delivered our village economy into the hands of these people. The village big, big people open our doors wide to them, while the small, small money houses take our poor money them we can keep in their houses and gave it to them.

So how we will not be poor in our own village na when you get these so called foreigners hauling our money and keeping it in their shops? Hmm, my son the thing you talking here that big thing oo.But Father, you think da fire coming from my mouth? Our people open the door too wide to these people see what they have put our village into.

So if they don’t act tough on these people they will continue to cause problems for us here. You go to our own village small, small money houses for money they will rather give it to these Fula and Lebanese people who come in our village with plastic bags rather than us. And when the people ready they take the money back to their villages-ehn da the one the book people can call capital flight?

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Hayaka! So, me all I want is when they print any new money they should arrest the people who will pass the ceiling. And nobody must go to these small, small money houses to change 2 million in cash if we get new money, everybody from 500,000 up must have an account period.

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