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Lord, this Old Lady and her children like hard joke eh?

Dear Father:

Hmmm, these people funny ya. You na get one public bicycle to ply the side walk, then you say you want to regulate the people old, old taxis? So why if the people get angry and pack their old taxis, don’t you think you are bringing trouble over your own head?

My son is this one of your jokes?

No Father. haven’t you heard the noise all over the place about the transport regulations- one person to the front and three to the back, but the drivers are instead carrying two persons to the front and four to the back?

Tell me something!

Oh, the other day the noise was all over the place with people complaining how the drivers are not abiding by the Village Council regulations. Some have been suggesting that the Village Council put the blue uniform boys on the street to enforce this regulation.

Isn’t that funny Father? Okay for their argument sake-in the first place these are private commercial vehicles and for the Village Council to enforce such regulation to the letter it must first provide alternative means to the effect.

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But there are no public transportation and I don’t think the Village Council is ready to make this a priority not even in the next ten years, yet they want to pretend that all is well with our public transportation system.

And don’t mind them Father, all the noise they are causing here and there when the private car owners get angry even the Village Council offices will be empty because there are no public means of transport except the ones being provided by commercial vehicles owners.

The thing is Father, in other villages where Village Councils come up with such regulations, they are easily implemented because when the commercial drivers go on strikes, public buses are enough to provide alternative means of transport at a cost much more lower than that of the commercial vehicles and this would force owners to oblige.

But you na get one bicycle on the side walk and you want your law to hold? How can you be so insensitive to the plight of your people? Do you know what they are going through?

But my son, don’t even go that far, I heard that sometimes it is the passengers who beg the drivers to allow them sit above the require numbers.

So true Father. Can you imagine the struggles people go through everyday just to get to town in the morning and I am not talking about evening hours.

They say the educations system is a mess but I think the transportation system is beyond mess and there is absolutely nothing the Village Council can do now to ensure that this regulation is adhere to. Trust me Father, these people are jokers. They are not just serious.

Father, like I always say, some people just want to show that they are working and sometimes I wonder what dreams they have at times before coming up with some of these policies.

If they really mean well, let them provide public transport. The single one they get around here, they can hardly manage it before I say increasing its fleets.

This one that pure joke and don’t forget na the Old Lady and her children like hard jokes. – By Othello B. Garblah

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