Lord, this other chief owner mouth bad oo!

Dear Father:
So wait ooh, where is this other man owner pa? The thing is becoming embarrassing now oo. For your friend, a chief like yourself to come and start asking you to show us your pa grave or which town your father came from then it’s a cause for ancestor’s alarm.
Hmmm, my son who you putting your mouth on again?

Father, is it not this former rebel turned chief who thinks he is the godfather of a particular Fiefdom in our village. Now, I heard one of his own compatriots asking the people of our village to ask him to please tell us where his father is.

The thing full my mouth, the man say our honorable chief’s (yes, because that how the people, not me called those of them at the Traditional Council) father where about is unknown. The man says only this former rebel chief mother grave is located in their Fiefdom but nobody knows his father’s origin and his place of final destination.
Father could it just be that this former rebel killer machine turned chief is like Mekechidech who had no beginning?

You know our old people can say that talk bring talk. This old rebel chief likes too much chey-chey poley too much. He always like to behave as if he is the only rooster that can crow in that Fiefdom not knowing there are men there who can only show their anger when its time.

So what have the former rebel chief said since then?
Father, the man has not said phewn! But he able to talk sef because the way this other chief was talking it looks like he get his owner lay thing too oo.
Um, my son?

But Father you can’t overlook people like this oo. They can trust their butt before they swallow bones oo. You think all that noise that man was making on the radio he na know what he depending on. Anyway Father you just need to help our village before the people turn it outside down again.

Eh, ehn talking about the village being outside down again, what is it that am hearing about some people wanting to safe the village by getting on the street next month?
Oh yes, oo Father the people say they want to get on the streets to tell the Country Giant that enough is enough the people are suffering too much. They say if he na able the thing, he must leave it-my name oo, me I just reporting oo.

So how far are they with their plans ?
Hmmm, Father the other news am hearing is not good for them oo. I heard that the people the Oracle House say the people can’t be recognized so it will be hard for them to deal with ghosts. So that their letter they na write, they must carry all their organization’s supporting documents oo.

You don’t’ mean it, my son?
Aah da fire coming from my mouth or that bene-seed popping?
Ehn the other Jarto go lie on the town criers saying the Footballer and his people na take some town criers to Charlie Land to give them some money so they can play down the protest.

Now tell me Father if this Jarto can be brave to put town criers against the villagers how can their motives for this demonstration be trusted? It is likely they are telling us one thing and planning another.

I was so angry last night when plenty people started calling me all over the place that the Country Giant has taken some town criers to Charlie Land and that since I the big man for the paper people if I was on the plane-nonsense!

Why people can’t be sincere, why will they always rely on spreading falsehood just to divide people is that the only way they can succeed? The Lord really needs to help our village.

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