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Lord, This Other One The Pastor Say, It Na There!

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Dear Father,

Have you heard what the Old Pastor said the other day during our village birthday party? No. What did he say? The Old Pastor say we should bear gee for that ugly law to stay on our oracle. Eh you know the law that says only black people can be citizen in our village? Yes, Okay, the Old Pastor say the law is good and it should stay there.

He says if we make any other person who does not have a black skin like ours, a citizen then our village will be poorer than it is now.  Father isn’t that interesting?  Can you imagine this, that our village will be poorer if we make other people with different skin color citizen?

Father, is this Old Preacher telling us that he endorses racism as was done by our fore-fathers? Who though, they despised the treatment that was meted out to them in the new world came back and practiced it double.

So what about people from our village who queued every day and night at other people places fighting for citizenship? And pray tell me, even if you were to tell everybody in the Old Pastor’s Church today saying Uncle Sam says you all should come and line up here for citizenship, that his church will be empty because all his members will rather choose to go to “heaven” Uncle Sam’s village than hell, which is our own village.

I think the Old Preacher got this one wrong Father, trust me. And like my friends always say, “Pastor Da One na There.” Because to say that making other people of different skin color citizen here will make you poorer then I don’t know what to think of you.

If you were to drive through our Village only road today from Bluffing Street to the other end, all the big, big building them the people are putting up is it for the black skin man or the other people.
In the first place, your own people don’t like their village. Here you are almost all the people working in our village council call Uncle Sam’s Village home and called this place a farm.

So, that means all those who don’t have the opportunity to travel elsewhere must remain in the darkness because they are poor and the few who get the money travel abroad to live life. And then when they come back they tell stories of how beautiful other people’s villages are but not theirs.

They are like the Progressives, who want to be the only knowledgeable people who tell others what to know and do but nobody should lead them. No reason why they will never take leadership position in this country unless through violence means.

Father, I think the Old Preacher must have ran out of ideas! I think he should have just stop on his corruption and other matters and not mention the issue of this citizenship.

Father, whether people like it or not, all the so-called money people we get in this village, how many of them really get property here that they have developed? Is it not these foreign merchants who lease these places from them to develop it before we can count few three storey buildings around here? And the ones who leased it to them, where do they carry their money, is it not in Uncle Sam’s village to pay for mortgages?

So the ones who builds at least three storey building and the one who carries it to another place to lavish, who is a true patriot? I don’t expect any of you visitors to answer either, because you are only here to come, grab and go.

They have become bats, they have no special places to stay. Every two to three weeks they have suitcases in their hands. But they are looking for it now. Looking for it where, in the planes?

And trust me Father, if anybody was to come to this Old Preacher right now saying, I want to carry somebody from your church to Uncle Sam’s village to stay, he will leave the church to look for his nephew who is not even a member. Oo, that other people country sweet ehn?

You know Father, his argument reminds me of the day that new gas station people were coming here. You had some so-called dealers hallucinating all over the place preaching some stupid business politics, that foreigner should not come and do this or that. Meanwhile, the people had come with modern equipment and were actually telling us we care not only for you but for your cars and will give you a good deal too.

But because they wanted to continue to steal from us and they came with cheap politics. They did not want to improve their business, but wanted to keep giving us reasons to steal from us more. There were always artificial shortages of petroleum on the market, today the whole story has changed.

Father, we want to tell the Old Pastor that we want people who will bring their money here to be citizen in our village not people who will take it and carry it. So, that other one he says there, it na there. Go and talk about your corruption and other things which we actually agreed is true and something should be done about, but to say citizenship, I beg you, go and leave us alone.

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