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Lord, This Other X’mas “Ray” OO

Dear Father,

Huh, it looks like this other Christmas it na easy oo- the ground seems not to be leveled at all. Ehn? But Father you can’t see how everything looking tight, it just like the people chopped all the money during the voting time. And in fact, everything just seems to be at a standstill.

I beg you ya, what kinda money people spent, even during the whole election the ground was still not level, except for those who were in things- that is holding the cash for the political parties.

So then how we will do this Christmas business now? My son that is a good question because the way things are looking when it stays like this up to the 17 then it will not be easy.

But I heard the Old Lady have some vacation jobs for students; maybe people will go and hustle there.  My son, going there to hustle is not the thing but you have to be a student. But the thing that talent how long to go and  shave all your beard and fix one ID card, at least the aim is to get something for the children because the ground not level.

My man was telling me the other day that he wanted to see a man of God to pray for him because is like some people na tie his face. He says for the past two weeks things have really been tough for him, but I told him he needs not to see a man of God, he only need to stop following married women.

Ay, what married women have to do with this one? Father, haven’t you heard what God has joined together let no man set asunder. So that some of the bad luck there my friend was experiencing.

But Father, come to think of this, some of the girls say loving to a married man is not setting asunder. They say, you can only set asunder when you deprived the man or woman from his or her home. But once you can allow the man or woman to go home and perform his or herr marital duty at home then it is not setting asunder, it is providing assistance.

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Mm? Yes, oo Father, especially this Christmas that coming already the ground is not level many people “spaced’ like this, the young girls don’t even want to hear that thing sef.

But my son, if you say the cash are not flowing and everybody is crying, why is it that people are not hearing the usual Christmas money noise where the homes are often in crisis?

Father, the thing is simple, the Old Lady has declared 16 days of action against gender based violence, the people are just waiting and observing as soon as the 16 days action against gender based violence is over; you will soon hear the usual noise.

The first place the noise will start from is the conned men them who can tell their wives that they are in this kind of credit club that can share the money in December, just few days before Christmas; some have already credited everything from there unknown to their women. So, when the woman expects the man to bring the money home and he can’t produced it that is where the palaver will start from.

No, but on a serious note Father, the Old Lady can’t enter the second term like this. She has to do something before something do the people. At least, let everybody enjoy this victory because da na her one has won, it is the people of this village who have won. So, everybody suppose to enjoy, enjoy the children called it jolly, jolly these days.

My friend was just telling me this afternoon that even all our village institutions including the money house everything just looking static.

But that one, I had to tell him that many of the guys are not too sure they are coming back so they want to be very careful because that injury time here. Already the Old Lady is looking for space to put some of the people from the Footballer’s camp and the way their list long sef. So, the guys gat to be very careful.

Anyway, whether the ground hard or not, Father, me I am going to look for it and I will get it. Let the people who think it is hard and they will sit down crying wolf continue. The only think the men can do now is avoiding new girlfriends and the oldma then should not look for any new god son. Like that the little they have will be enough for the Christmas, but can they do that? One of my friends said she always like to be in new love because new love is sweet.

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