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Lord, this thing is becoming normal in our village now oo?

Dear Father:
Hmm, you know in our village when papa comes home repeated broke, he soon become a stranger in his own home. His own children who used to go and greet him will no longer care when he is even around. Soon his wife will start questioning his manhood not about his performance in bed but purchasing power.

And the way am seeing things Father that is exactly what appears to be happening now a days. Everywhere you go in our village no money. People we working for or those even working for us are all crying.
Da the one you talking slow so my son!

Father it na small thing oh but you see this mouth it na know how to talk things the way the eyeball can see it.

One of my friend was telling me the other day that his staff have stop coming to work because he is owing them salaries from last year. He said even the ones he depended on for which he had made all the big mouth that he believe will stand with him have all given up on him.
Um, I just smile, but little did he know that I was simply trying to tell him come let’s sit on the same bench.

Da small thing my son?
Yes, oo Father and you can’t blame the people too. They have their own problems they need to solve so if the money not coming there is nothing like better days.But da better days will pay the people children rent and their children school fees, da the whole thing sef ya.So all this thing da happening people businesses closing, no money in bank what the Country Giant doing about it?

Father, the thing looks like it has become common for the village now oo. Everybody getting use to this no money thing so it looks like the Footballer and his people are just relax.
He really need to do something oo my son
But Father da the one you talking like that so. Right now everybody in this village is feeling the pinch, unless you are in the Country Giant’s inner circle but if you are just like you and my friend, then da only God can save your businesses.

Tell me something!
Yes oo, Father, da only Papa God can rescue us right now. And for the most part it looks like our big people themselves are so confuse to the point that they don’t know what to do. Sometimes I wonder whether this thing here too heavy for the people because the village continues to go round in circles.
The other day, somebody was telling me that it looks like the thing na fall down on the Country Giant’s lap. They can follow up on anything. The sit down and when one person come to say they want to do something small in the village they jumped on the person like one vulture.

I see why all the foreigner them running away they na want come to do business here.
But you think da joking thing we talking here Father, when they say death carry the living thing that the one we on here so oo.

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