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Lord, This Village Is Full of Drama

Dear Father,

This village is very interesting. It is full of real life dramas, intriguing ones too. Sometimes it feels like one is in a theater, but no, its live.

So it started few days ago with 90% of the village town criers and the Old Lady’s Kitchen- at least it was after one of her frisky shoulder boys made some remarks that instead of lynching him, the town criers declared war on the Old Lady’s entire kitchen.

As the fire blaze over the Old Lay’s Kitchen, everybody was caught unaware, when she remarked: “Oh, I am enjoying it. I wish they could go on for a year.”

Surely, Father, it was fun as little by little many of the town criers no longer saw the need to continue the fight, a fight that could have been handled in another way. It appears as if the town criers were caught off guard by the Old Lady and the outrage that followed, is unexplainable.

As the tension was said to be quieting down, the office that is responsible to catch rogue officials in the village dropped a bombshell. It was a staggering revelation on how some of the village officials especially the ones that are earning all the big, big money in this village lied about their wealth.

And the funny thing about it is that if you were to do a thorough check, most of the people who lied about their riches are those who just feel that this place is their farm.

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They come and hustle here to maintain their lifestyles in Uncle Sam’s village. They have no loyalty to this village. All they do is to milk it and get away. I wish the people could pass the law “Causing Financial Loss To the Sate,” where rogue officials would serve 10 years of imprisonment. No bill, no appeal.

Father, you remember the other one who they brought here from Uncle Sam village to be over our pitiful airport? That one did not play to rig that place. And since she let, not one phew has been heard about it.

But my son, this is why the people are fighting for dual-citizenship na. They come here to hustle and run right back to Uncle Sam’s village where their loyalties are.

But you know, Father they are not going to get away with this one this time. No matter their argument we will make sure we check them out very well and I hope the other people that will come to lead us bring the law : Causing Financial Loss To the State. They should go to Charlie land and asked some former village big men some of whom died in jail for steal the people money.

Anyway, Father, as we were still debating the attitudes of our village rogue officials, then the Old Soja Man was at the other end loosing it.

What do you mean my son?

Father, the guy, I don’t know, whether it was out of frustration or what? The man went to his home town confessing on his local home town radio how he made the voting people to cheat for his people to win in the village election.

The man went on mentioning the Old Lady, the former big man for the voting house on how they all helped to ensure that his people cheated.

And you know what Father, the Old Soja Man said he made this revelation because he wanted the people in his chiefdom to know that he brought most of his people to prominence and in fact that he is unbreakable.

The guy’s confession is the dumbest thing I have ever heard Father. I wonder the guy understands the implications of his saying?

But you know, as I said this is the only village where reality show never ends. The competition remain high as long as our village keeps putting the round pigs in square holes.

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