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Lord, this was a real dog fight

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Dear Father:
Huh, have you heard the news? They say it was not easy at the Pappy’s house last night. You mean after they left the football field they had to end up at the Pappy’s house too, they couldn’t allow the old man to rest with the old ma small.

No, Father, it’s not the enjoyment I am talking about oo. I am talking about what happened during the enjoyment. It was not fun oo-That small flesh eating thing happened down there. Da small fighting! I say some people ended up in jail, while others were at the hospital!

Ehn you know those small children thing that the people can be saying in our village-“we will fight here today, you will see. One of us will go to jail and the other person goes to the hospital.” And that’s exactly what happened at the old man’s house last night, while he was very busy enjoying himself inside.

Tell me something my son? Oh Father, it was not easy oo. Ehn you know that famous big man from the Voting House they can call Flomayanti, by the time you call that name Flomayanti, everybody in our village will know what’s up.Ok, it was him and one other old lady. You remember that frisky lay boy that used to work with him there?

Yes, my son, what happened to him? No, Father, that’s his mother. You know recently the Iron Lady mentioned the boy’s name to be the second big man for plenty talking. But after some time she had to remove the boy’s name. Up until last night plenty people did not know why the Iron Lady withdrew the boy’s name.

So, not knowing among themselves they have been having some secret quarrels as to why this frisky boy’s name was withdrawn. Yes, so last night as our man and his friends sat winning down some yellow water as a means of celebrating with the Pappy, they say the old lady just came with her two handswiah on our man face. She then held him by his T-shirt and he could not move.

Father you know the man is almost my size now. So you could imagine how he was standing in front of that huge old lady. They say the man was hanging in the air like the late Uncle Sam’s comedian Jefferson. Vex, like know body business but he dare lay a hand on her.
Now, the man knows the Old lady already has him hanging in the air instead of him shutting up so, his man them that are around could be begging for him, he went and showed his figure in front of the old lady’s face.

And what happened?
Father, you don’t even want to hear this part-the old lady chewed our man figures up, that the one ended him at the hospital while, the old lady ended up in jail.
But you know the funny part Father, when I sent some of my boys to speak to the Old Lady, “she said, me and the man were drunk and we fought, so why they get my one here?”
That was a good question Father. And remember what I told you from the beginning that is the threat children make before they fight? That is exactly what happened.
But my son, I thought this whole month supposed to be 16 days of activism for the women?
Ah, Father, I think that one that season two for another story oo. I have to go Father because I need to carry food to the hospital and stop few sandwiches at the cell.

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