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Lord, this woman force to lie?

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Dear Father:

Um, they say politicians can lie oo, but this one own da broad day lie. Ehn must you lie publicly like that?
No, wonder my man Sundaygar can say when you bypass your respect, you can bother you’re your disgrace.
Yes oo Father, this one that complete disgrace oh, no joke um- a real public disgrace just like how Jesus disgraced Satan publicly.
You mean she couldn’t have told this other story in one of our Fiefdoms where at least nobody would have been able to bring the news to our village capital? Ay mehn!

My son what’s happening again?
Father, da na this other Beauty Queen who wants to be big person in our village seat? She went to talk the other day to one place instead of telling the people how she has been partaking in queen contests in Uncle Sam’s village and have come back to help in our village she went and told a public lie on one other fine lady.
Tell me something!

Oh, yes oo Father. The Beauty Queen went and told the entire village how she is the one who introduced this fine lady to one very rich man in Uncle Sam’s village and that the rich man gave the fine lady plenty Uncle Sam’s money for those oldma them who can be praying at the Fish market area there.
But why would she tell that kinda lie?

Father, she wanted to impress the people na. She wanted to tell us that she has been one of the hidden hands behind those oldma them and that she cares for this village so much that they were able to get money to hire these oldma them to be praying over there.
And then what happened my son?

Oh Father, the people say they did not know where this fine lady came from-apparently she was listening to the program live on one of these town criers na. They say she just came from the blind side and asked the MC to let her use the mic-and then she started explaining and saying how nobody must lie on her name and that she has been struggling to get her money and not by anybody’s introduction.

They say the place the Beauty Queen was standing just like the ground should open for her to get bury inside quickly.
Father, they say instead of her just disappearing to go, she shamelessly came back on stage to say, “My people the time I was talking here I call somebody name?” Can you imagine this big disgrace?

And the people had time for her sef?
Who say Father, they say the people never had time for her sef-just like she moh die. You know it’s like the joke they children can always tell about the lazy man. You know, the children can say the man came back from a fight and was telling his wife-“Um, I just came from beating da one. I lifted him up and by before he could say and knock him down, he saw John coming, he just said and John knock me down.”

You see why it is not good to just go places and start lying on other people’s name? I mean how could you publicly tell a lie like that? I wonder she never knew that all the things she was saying was on radio and that it was possible that her friend would have been listening or somebody would have been listening and call her friend to listen in. And the worst part is that the thing was happening live in the central town of our village.
What a shame they say politicians can lie but this one own was a broad day lie.

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