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Lord, to every smoke there is a fire for true ya

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Dear Father:
Hmm, this village whenever you hear they say, and people carrying it here and there until you can even hear the market women and children talking nay, then you must know da something is behind it.

Um, which other one my son na start winning about again? You say what na happen again?
Ah Father, you haven’t heard? All the they says we used to be hearing around here, the thing na come show face. It na even come and wasted on our lap. The village people are so surprise da they fell down on the ground just like somebody na poison them.

So that whatin make them to go off na?
Ehn you used to hear around here every day how the Country Giant had told the people to go and print new village money and some of us used to be saying da na true sef? Aah, they say the Country Giant and his people them na print new money oo. They say the people brought the money in the village just the other day.

But my son oo, you want tell me the people na find the other plenty money that went missing then they come bring new ones?

But Father, you think the people want to know sef, all they know is that money must be in the village for Jesus’ birthday. The people afraid of noise.

My son you say whatin?
Huh, you think the people joking in this village here ehn, you will balance! They say all those stories we used to be hearing about printing new village money was true. The people were already printing more money mehn for Jesus birthday to boil.I say, so you mean the people were actually roasting their meat and they were just busy blowing the smoke in our eyes to hear what the village people will say but in real life they were doing their own thing.

Huh, this one it full my mouth oo my son But Father, we say Country Giant then you say full my mouth, da whatin, Country Giant wants he can’t get. The Chiefs at the Traditional Council are all afraid to challenge him except for a few.So you want to tell me da only the Old Lady they were able to challenge?Father, the thing sef full my wide mouth till I don’t know what to say. Right now everybody asking about the plenty money da went missing da we na find yet.Anyway, the people say when you like monkey, you moh like the tale. We inside.

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