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Lord, Trouble Don Start!

Dear Father,

What they say happening again in the Footballer’s camp? I heard the last time they had a marriage ceremony with the Ray Head Man people and some other group, but the way things looking Father, I heard that everything will chakla inside there oo.

What do you mean? Ah, haven’t you heard the news? They say the Footballer not happen with the new marriage. They say some of his people collected their lay thing as a token from some powerful people who want to over throw the footballer.

But I heard people saying the footballer says he feels betrayed da true? Me, I na know what you talking about whether he feel betrayed or not. The only thing I heard was that there is small trouble in the camp and that he might likely pull out anytime soon.

But they say the man camp is divided over this too. They say it na easy inside there oo. Is that so Father?  Ah what you expect me to say now? The people say, so what you expect me to say too.

Father, if the footballer’s people went to that place to betrayed him then that one that bad they do oo. Because those greedy progressives that go join the footballer, da thing they go spoil so oo.

They say the other guy with the big mustache like that is hustling hard to be town chief in this village. But what for do, the man has made at least two kings now and he must make show that this time he himself is there.

It reminds me of the song the children used to sing which goes like this: Children, children I call yor, mama I don’t care. I send chicken yor, you send it we will kill it. I send goat behind yor, you send it we will kill it, I send my rice behind yor, you send it we will eat it. I send myself behind yor, you come here we will beat you.

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So in short, the big mustache guy wants to send himself this time. So that is why he is doing everything possible to ensure that this time around he finds himself a ticket.

But he needs to try harder oo. Because first they formed a millionaire club and then everything got chakla in the millionaire club. So, because they know that the footballer is very popular now they want to go a ride on his sweat and in the process kick him out.

Father, I think the fighting inside that place will not be easy oh because even the old UN guy self inside the place because he wants to be town chief too.

The farmer from the Ray Head Man’s camp also wants to be town chief, so it is really going to be a big power struggle among them.

No wonder the footballer has smell the rat and he wants to pull out of there very fast.

And in all fairness to the footballer, they just want to go and muddy the waters for him, because the way I see it, they want go for primaries, come back and say one of them won and if the footballer “no agree” then the whole thing chakla.

Tell me something Father, with all these developments unfolding, they say the preacher wants to join the marriage too oo. For true, which one of them? Oh, don’t you know the Preacher who said the Bassa people will beat ‘dumboy” in the Mansion, that’s the guy. He is also going to join the new marriage of convenience and that is not going to be easy.

At least, had it been the UN man alone, the footballer would have been happy to stay, because the UN man na get problem. Second spot self the Old man is ready for it.

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