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Lord, Was It A Palace Coup?

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Dear Father:

Have you heard about the Coup d’état that took place here in our village about two weeks ago? This was one of the bloodless coups in man’s most recent history, especially for a village of ours that have witnessed intolerance for almost three and a half decades now.

I say most of the senior advisors to the man they have hidden behind for almost 8-years now to ferment trouble in our village couldn’t believe this.  I wonder whether they did not see this one coming to advise their man otherwise.  These are the kinds of blows that can take people of guard. Just like the old people say: “The breeze that can disgrace the chicken can always come from the back.”

My son, what are you talking about?

Oh Father, you want to tell me up to now you don’t know what I am talking about?

No, my son

Father, don’t tell me that thing. Do you mean you have closed your eyes on our village? I thought you had your eyes shining on us all along?

My son, for sometimes now, I have stop putting my eyes on your village because the things that your people do are things that I hate and are of offense to my existence. It is only your letters that have continued to keep me updated.

But the lies, the self seeking interest, the envious spirit everywhere, in offices, in the churches and most prominently in your village leadership structure. I mean the deceit , hypocrisy from the top of your village leadership structure to the little man are too much, while my people continue to suffer, these are things that keep me away from villages.

Like I said my son, it’s only people like you who keep updating me, I have ensured that you are preserved in these kinds of villages, where people have failed to learn from the past-they have refused to eschew deceits and hypocrisies, vices that could undermine the very existence of your village.

Anyway, what is the Palace coup you were talking about?

Father, do you know the Footballer in our village who all the failed and frustrated old hands desiring village power,( thinking that the young man will be like the Old Soja man,  the other Old Soja turned chief killed) have been behind the scene pushing?

Yes, my son, what happened to him?

Father, he was whisked away from their hands the other day by the Old Lady, that Maradona politician.

How did she do that my son?

Oh, Father, she give him an offer that he could not refuse. An offer that from one end would be seen as a way to launch his campaign ahead of the 2017 voting time here.

Tell me something my son, how did this happened?

Hahaha, the Old Lady woke up one morning and called the Footballer to her office. I believe she might have told him saying, “Look, you are a young man full of talent, and you stand a better chance ahead of the others vying to replace me, so to help kick start your campaign since my own people are still fighting among themselves, I want you to be  my representative to bring all our people together.”

Father, she didn’t stop there, they say told me that the Old Lady went on to say by going around the village preaching peace, the people will come to know that you are actually a man of peace.

Father, this kind of offer comes once in a life time. Free money to start your campaign for almost five years, putting you ahead of potential competitors who will not take that kind of thing?

So, he took it?

Oh yes, he did Father.

And what did those old hands you were talking about say my son?

Oh, he told them they can say what they want. In fact, if they like they can go and burn the sea in frustration, but he loves his country and he is ready for peace. He said their noise sef will not make him to change his mind. That fire? Check your house maybe that there where the smoke is.

But you know what is more interesting Father?

No, my son, what is it?

Now what makes this a Palace coup is that the arrangement came from the village castle. So all those who have been hiding behind the Footballer now, will have to look amongst themselves to see who the boys will listen to.

Unfortunately they have no integrity which is why they were even depending on the footballer who command some kind of noisy following.

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