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Lord, was our man wrong for saying he will build road from here to Charlie land?

Dear Father,

Kpoo, what all the noise around here for. The Footballer says he will fix the road from here to Charlie land and everybody on the internet laughing. Yor wait ya, yor don’t know that we even need road from here to Uncle Sam’s village.

My son what are you talking?
Father, let the people leave that thing ya. Our man was speaking jargons-our village jargons. The only thing they should tell me is that people from other villages who have never live in our village before will not understand what the Footballer was saying.

For example, ehn when we want to get to somebody we can ask one of our friends who knows that person to make way or clear the road for us or in some of our traditional villages we can say come clear the road or connect my wire.

So, I can’t understand why people will be making noise here and there for- the Footballer was right for saying he will build road from here to Charlie land- for all you know he could have been talking about friendship.

The man gat to speak our traditional language. All the Footballer was saying is that he want the road between us and our neighboring villages to be clear for us to have that good relationship.

Hmmm, my son you na turned to the man spokesman na to explain what he says and what he means?

No, Father am just saying the man is from our village so before people start saying here and there that he did not know what he was saying, let them look at the way we talk here. Common phrases like burn my wire, come clear the road, you need to build the bridge-all talks about connection and relation in our village.

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But the man was not talking to the people in yor village alone.
Father, da one let them come ask us we will explain to them what our man meant when he said that. Ehn when they ready they can say their own too and sometimes we understand it differently-now we equal.

In fact, if I were one of the Footballer’s speech writers, I will be putting Kru and Bassa all in the speech, whether they understand or not we going.

Hmmm, any way they say what is happening at the Traditional Counsel at the upper end?

Hayaka, it not easy there oo. They say the Elders from the Palaver Hut na carry their woman business there oo-my name ooo.
Tell me something my son!

Oh, Father, all the noise we are hearing especially between those two people who acting like cat and dog, am told da one lay geh business. Somebody told me that one lay geh play game with the two papay them and now they can’t see eyebolt to eyebolt. Na, the Chiefs at the Traditional Counsel has presented the two men them the perfect theater to fight their silent war.

But the one I hear that true?
About what na Father?

They say the Footballer na move to Chugbor, one of the Fiefdom in yor village?

Father my name ooh, that other geez too heavy for my mouth oo. I can’t feel talk that one sef. The people who get mattress on their back can go for it oo.

Hmm but did you hear this other one they say the Paramount Chief at the Traditional Council has asked the Footballer to beg his girlfriend for him because the girl has refused to marry him. So the Footballer is begging the geh and is putting the place the people can keep their retirement money there as a reward if she agrees to marry the Paramount Chief.

They say the geh na start asking around about the place but she doesn’t seem interested because they say she na like my man but don’t want to make our big man shame that he begged her in vain.
Um, water don’t pass gari! We inside proper.

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