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Lord, was the Footballer speaking in parable?

Dear Father:
Hmmm, you know, the other day after the Footballer was announced the winner of our village voting, there was a big party at the camp as part of their 21 Day celebration- I don’t know if that Charismatic Camp, because one thing I know is that it is the Charismatic Churches that like 21 days business.

Anyway, maybe they were just copying the slogan 21 days. But this is what happened though, during the celebration, I was told, the Footballer while in his office upstairs, slide the glass and looking down and seeing his followers bogging it down, he said to their hearing only if they could marry each other it will make the camp stronger.

Father, on a serious note, many of them took the statement lightly and laughed it off for the night. But it meant a lot though.
Imagine if all the people working on our village farm had all their families here-I mean their wives and kids here. They all go to our places of learning here and go to our human garages here. You could imagine how improve our village would have been with the best learning places and human garages.

So, yes, the Footballer indeed was right, such a union can make our village powerful, and some people like my short friend used to say-“I am going home to see the family.” And I always used to ask him then how does he call this village.

The good old Book says where your heart is there where your treasure shall be also. Father, I know initially the Old Lady tried hard to convince some of her kitchen staff to relocate their families back home to have them settled. At one point, I was told, she even pleaded with some of them to even relocate their families to as close as Charlie land to avid the too many bills they would have to pay in Uncle Sam’s Village.

You see, if the people who continue to scream over their voices saying they love this village cannot trust our learning systems and human garages but would rather take their families to neighboring villages for such purposes, how would they improve these already existing facilities.
Yes, Father so when I say the Footballer was speaking beyond the crowd that had gathered at his camp, this is what I think he was referring to. This is why I say he spoke in parable.

But you see Father; there is the difference in just saying a thing and actually doing it. It is one thing to say a thing and another to do it.
So, as it stands, we don’t know the criteria for his recruitment. I remember when the Old Lady came to power on the book slogan, she said only people with degrees were going to work on her farm. She went further to say that those with bad human rights records were also never allow to work in her kitchen. But before we knew it, certificate holders were appointed as big men and women to oversee some of our village hamlets. So there was a 360 degree turned around from her initial criteria that had town criers appraising her here and there.

As it stands Father, we are hearing all kinds of news about people trying to fight for village job. We know it has not been easy for some who were working with the Ray Hay man, but for the others who had just been around supporting the Footballer; it is not an easy decision to take.
And so Father, there is a need for some entry criteria and whether the zealous supporters will understand it’s another concern altogether.

But again, I am glad that the Footballer is thinking that if only those who want to work on our village farm could just think of relocating back home with their families and trust the systems we have been used to and improve it to suit their standard then our village will be developed and we will be a strong people together and we will just not dream it but live it.

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