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Lord, watch our chiefs do their dirty laundries in public

Dear Father:

Hahaha, hahaha, kekeke, hehehe, I say these chiefs never cease to amaze me. Sometimes their attitudes and utterances tend to raise series of moral questions as to whether  some of them actually deserve to be at the Traditional Council or deserve to be called “honorables.”. No wonder, our village is so under developed.


But how will it be developed when we keep producing mediocre leaders, leaders who tend to focus more on personal aggrandizement then care for the poor village people.
What do you mean my son?

Father, it is very simple, a man or woman who has never tasted wealth before and by chance is able to get a glimpse at it, is at much risk of destroying himself or herself as will do an entire village.

Moreover,  where greed and self interests abound, internal bickering, strive and  selfish desires take over as progress for the entire village is stalled -And that is exactly what have been  unfolding at the Traditional Council, a place which should have hosted well-accomplished men and women with desire to make positive impacts in their  society has turned out to be a hustling ground for beginners, many of whom are still squatting in people’s quarters around here.

My son, what is really going on over there?

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Ok, first it was the Paramount Chief, who in his little mind thought he could fool the entire village, when his errand boy (one of the lower chiefs) was caught pans down trying to encash a check from the Black Gold Company.

And what was the amount Father, just a peanuts for a man of his stature. But you remember what I told you earlier- things tend to full the eyes of a person who has never handle them before.

He or she gets more over protective even for a peanut,  he or she will descend into the mud.

So, I am not the least surprise when a whole Paramount Chief in our village will be shivering over such  peanuts.

But then the entire story has snowballed into something else, as some chiefs who felt cheated of the Black Gold bounty speak out about the actual amount. One can now see, why a whole Paramount Chief and his Deputy will be  grossly involved in this.

So they now have a problem on hand, what was done in the dark is now coming to light. At one point the Junior Paramount Chief reported a much smaller amount of Black Gold money received now the whole secret is out simply because the disenchanted group was kept in the dark.

But what is becoming more interesting is that, it shows the level of dishonesty among our chiefs who have continually failed to live above reproach.  And you see Father, if these so-called chiefs had prepared themselves for these positions, their link to these petite theft of our village money would have been on a minimum scale. But looking at their sandy foundations, one can easily understand why every little crumb tend to full their eyes.

But what is of more interest Father, is the way in which they wash these dirty laundries in the public. People who suppose to be men and women well cultured in society as role models are nothing desire of emulating and Father I offer no apology for this one. 

These are people who have vehemently oppose  audits of their transactions but yet some of them would open their lousy mouths on airwaves to speak of same against another segment of our village-forgetting the parlance that says: He that comes with equity must come with clean hands.

Now, I understand the other Chiefs from the upper end are in denial of money that were also given to them. Shamelessly too, they speak as if we don’t know that if they were not given some, they would have been the first to make noise about it.

The other interesting angel is that even the giver is not forth coming with clarity, something which suggests that there is more to what is be dished in public.-To be continued. 

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