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Lord, we are really joking in this village

Dear Father,

Hmm, we are really joking in this village ehn. No wonder the people in this village are not taking this sickness seriously.

With all the noise they are making all over the various town criers in this village about guidelines here and there, the place we suppose to prove that we are serious is where we sit and play fund.

We have none of the so-called guidelines we hear about when we are outside the village-nothing, the only thing they focus on is collecting 50 dollars and 75 dollars of Uncle Sam’s money from strangers and villagers coming here.

Tell me something!

Da fire, or da benny-seed popping in my mouth. I say, no safety measure nothing, no social distancing. The only thing they care about is the money they are collecting from passengers! And what they are doing with the money, only God one knows.

The other day when my wife and I came back it was not easy. We were all jammed up together sardine fish in a can-yet they say they were doing our test to make sure none of us were bringing the sickness to our village.

But to tell you the truth Father, the people who are supposed to help stop the big sickness from spreading in our village are rather the ones helping to spread it. Anyway, at least they are helping one way or the other-whether to spread or to stop.

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 Um, so do they expect the other villages around to take you people serious?

Where Father? Already Uncle Sam has sounded an alarm telling our cousins not to come to this village because of the way the sickness is spreading all over the place.

As if that was not enough, we are even hearing that some of the planes flying bringing people to our village are deciding on stopping from coming here.

Can you imagine this?

Oh, Father, this is what I am trying to tell you. The village people already struggling-to food sef it hard; no job all over the place, even the one them like us that get the job can’t even take pay so it’s serious.

Instead of them being serious, they are all over the place playing fund. SO how the village people will not be in denial na. You tell the people they should not gather in large groups, they should not do this and that. But you are the one gathering them in large groups all in the name of making sure they pay you the money for the test and don’t care even if they are spreading it right in front of you-nonsense!

And you want people to take you serious? We are jokers. We really need to put ourselves together in this village.

And the ones I can’t stand are the people who think because they get food in their homes they are shouting all over the place lockdown, lockdown!

You think to sit in your comfort zone and be shouting, lockdown, lockdown that it there? What are you doing to help your people?

Your people sitting at the Traditional Council collecting Uncle Sam Money 15K each in this kina that and you can’t even say fewn, but the whole day you writing all over the place lockdown, lockdown.

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