Lord, we inside oo

Dear Father;
Hmm, I say the village is ray-everywhere you turn, the ground is not level. All the friends who used to call their men them and give the small thing sef, it rough-“water don’t pass gari,” Oga will say.
Um, my son da the one you talking slow like that?

Father, da small thing! The other day my friend and I were in the car and I heard one pastor naming all the prayer points and for the first time I heard school fees as a national prayer point. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.My friend said, you don’t know school fees is a prayer point? I said I know, but not at this national scale until everywhere you pass in the village people na forget the food cries and everywhere is school fees.

But my son, why are they crying, ehn da it they wanted-I mean a millionaire master dribbler?
Uh, Father sefya, millionaire ay? You na heard they say da man was very broke? Anyway, we inside and they people will balance.
Ehn, they have not been able to tell us what happen to our village money and they jumping around here saying they coming to print new money-we inside.

Oh, yes oo, my son da what I heard and I even wanted to ask you sef.
Father, they say they want to print whole 35 billion, but they can’t tell us how much we get right now in the village. Some are guessing that 21 billion and they want to print it according to our village population.
Tell me something!

Oh, Father, you think the people joking around here? The other day I was at the Upper End of the Traditional Council and I heard one of the chiefs there saying how when the 35 billion comes they will not just put all on the market. The shameless old man said they will keep some.
Can you imagine da Father? They will keep some the same place they kept our 16.5 billion and today, today we can’t see a dime on the market-phew!

But listen to the interesting one na Father, they say they want to print LRD1000 notes and all, so they can easily steal it without anybody noticing it, just how they are now embarrass to the point that they can’t even put the LRD500 note outside because they know that we are watching them.Ehn? But is it true that the Country Giant bought a car for one girl from Charlie Land with American people money USD130, 000?
You say whatin?

Yes oo, Father, they say the Country Giant news all over Charlie Land and it has become a talking shop. They say our man can spend on the girls. But they say Sun Shine na what you expect.They will stay long inside, we moving. Da right now the pekin must come and sing his song: “this country you see da technique.”

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